Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Feeling Creative!

It's no secret this season that everyone is going mad for velvet, myself included. So far the only velvet things I own are hair accessories & bags. I saw these gorgeous dresses by TBA at ASOS, with their huge collars & lovely colours. Unfortunately, as well as being out of my price range (£150 each), they only go up to a size 14:(

Collars, esp peter pan collars, are also one of my favourite things this season. I just bought this beaded one, also from ASOS. Then my mind started thinking about making my own velvet dress. I ended up buying 4 metres of dark green velvet off eBay, which I plan to turn into my very own lovely version of the dress above. I plan to wear it with my new collar, getting the statement look.

Here's a really rough drawing of what I hope it will look like. I will probably start making this as soon as the velvet arrives (I only ordered it last night), because I am so excited! I really want a velvet dress this season, & if the plus size retailers won't cater for my desires, I will have to create them myself. Fngers crossed it will turn out okay - secretly kind of dreading the sleeves, because I've only ever done sleeves once, & never puff sleeves. Hehe!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping Love

I spent yesterday shopping, & bought some really cute things. Just thought I'd show them off to you guys:D Like this hat from River Island. I missed out last year on one, so this year had to get one. I was originally going to get a bunny version, but the panda one looked nicer on.

Also couldn't resist this gorgeous sewing box from BHS. All the shops seem to be putting up christmassy gift type items already, esp BHS. The shopping centre I go to was really busy. I guess it's going to be like that all the way up to Christmas. I think I might do my gift buying online this year, I'm not keen on crowds!

Also got some cute jewellery from Primark, I find the jewellery in there to be comparable quality to any other high street store, just much cheaper. I only spent £13 on this lot (incl a bow not pictured).

My other bargain of the day was finding these Nails Inc polishes at TKmaxx for only £15 each. Their polishes are normally like £10 each, obv sets are slightly cheaper, these were retailing at £25 originally, so still a big saving!

I did look in the 2 stores that stock clothes in my sizes (New Look & an Evans concession in BHS), but neither had anything much to offer. The things I had my eye on from new look.com, weren't in the store:( I really hope to one day be able to go clothes shopping in my local town & actually have more than 2 stores to choose from!

Friday, October 08, 2010

ASOS Curve Review Part III

Mac - ASOS Curve Bow - New Look Scarf - Camden Bag - Next Shoes - Rocket Dog

Finally I can show you the last piece that ASOS Curve sent me! The weather has been too bad here to take pics, it's been dark, grey & rainy since I got back from Wales. This piece is the Lace Up Back Mac, which is now on sale for £33! I chose the navy, because I am not the greatest fan of khaki. This coat is very similar to the blush coloured one I own, also by ASOS. I think this one is perfect for the autumn/winter months though, because of it's darker colour.

One of the things I really love about this coat is the tapering from front to back, as you can see in this picture. This coat is a smidge tight for me, but I do have a pretty large bust, so I would say it is true to size.

The back is the part I don't like quite as much. I am not a fan of corset details, & I much preferred the smaller one on my other coat. But normally I would have my hair covering most of it, so I don't mind too much. I do however love the pleats. So yes, nice coat/mac, perfect thickness for autumn, or mild winter weather. Quality = great. As I said, the only thing about this coat that could have been nicer is the corset back, but that is just a personal preference.

Underneath my lovely coat, I wore the organza dress I showed you a few weeks ago, also sent me to by ASOS, with a cute jumper I got from Dorothy Perkins layered on top. Word of warning about the jumper though, it looks cream here, & in the stock photo, but in real life it is more of an oatmeal. Also, it has started pilling after only it's first wash, which is a real shame, but not surprising as it is quite loosely knit. However because of the loose knit, it is rather generous in size, & thus fits me:)

Dress - ASOS Jumper - Dorothy Perkins Shoes - Rocket Dog Bow - New Look

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