Friday, September 10, 2010

Short Break

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be away for 2 weeks. I am going back up to North Wales again, hopefully I will have some lovely pictures to show you on my return. I didn't get a chance this week to review my last piece that ASOS sent me, I will do it when I get back - sorry! I've been busy packing - it's a rather stessful experience for me, esp when I have to choose between "practical" & "pretty"! :( North Wales will probably be quite cold & wet this time of year, but I've tried to keep my packing somewhere in between, not that I own anything truly practical - eek! We are leaving at 3am tomorrow morning, so not long now until I go. Hope you guys don't miss me too much,
Georgina x


  1. Hope you have a nice trip Georgina! xoxo

  2. Have a lovely time, lady!

    Just looked through your most recent outfit posts, you look SO beautiful and the dresses are completely perfect.

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  3. Have fun!
    And we will miss you loads, but we'll make sure to keep it to ourselves;=)

  4. hey george,
    i just found your blog and its so.....WOoooooW!
    even if you are not skinny your looking beautiful and you really have such a great style!love it!

    greetings from germany <3

  5. Hello.
    I am from Russia. I happened to see your pictures and zashe to your site. Just want to say that you are well done and beautiful. I envy your boyfriend -)

  6. Hello sweety. I'm from Ukraine! That's so grate to find your blog. UR my inspiration now!
    And I won't wear something black and square any more!

    Thank U!

  7. Hello, im from Slovenia, and I found your blog on our most popular site :) your simply love your style! don't change for anyone ;)

  8. hope you had a lovely time away! and i love your skirt in those photos wheres it from :) xx


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