Thursday, September 30, 2010

Okay then...?

I was really unsure whether to share this with you, but I don't want to be one of those bloggers that only shares positive things with you (although I have been guilty of it in the past). Fatshion blogging takes a lot of guts, but it also gives back tenfold. Even when I get negative comments (for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, daring to be fat, etc), I usually just ignore them. Negative comments don't affect me as much any more. That is not to say they don't affect me at all, because I don't think anyone is impervious to critiscm. But recieving an email with this picture in it really threw me. There were no words in the email, just this picture. I'm not actually sure how I am supposed to take it, it it supposed to show me how much better I'd be if I was skinny? Or is it merely a comparison, without any negativity intended? Possibly even to show me I look better as I am?
Eitherway, I'd really prefer it if people could refrain from altering my photos, after all, I do hold the copyright. Good photoshopping though.


  1. That's spooky. Photoshopped you has odd proportions, she looks all wrong. Thanks for sharing this. You definitely look better as you are, I hope you know that!

  2. Hello
    I lived in France and I am looking your blog.
    It is not really nice to make it!
    Your photos are YOUR photos!
    In any case I find you tres attractive and your holding be inspired a lot
    Good continuation beauty queen
    Bye !! =)

    Je vit en france et je suis regulierement ton blog.
    Ce n'est vraiment pas sympa de faire cela !
    Tes photos sont TES photos !
    En tout cas je te trouve tres jolie et tes tenues m'inspire beaucoup
    Bonne continuation miss
    A bientot !!

  3. Creepy. Your boobs would be giving you severe back problems if that photoshopped you was real. Take it with a grain of salt hun you know you are fab, this person has WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS!

  4. First off i think it's actually shocking that whoever was rude enough to do that to one of your photos didn't even have the balls to say anything or what the reasons were for. Not that it would be justified or anything, but still. Easy way out.
    At the end of the day it's your life, you live it how you want. You choose to be how you are and that's a beaufitul choice not everyone has.
    This person clearly has too much time on their hands, and by hiding behind a computer doesn't make them look clever, it makes them look petty and rude.
    Don't let it bother you, personally i think the skinny picture is tooooo skinny. You keep doing what you're doing and be proud of that xo

  5. You're beautiful skinny or not and we like you as you are.Nothing more to say.

  6. now you too have had the magazine cover photoshop experience! funnily, i don't think it's done much for you at all. some people have far too much time on their hands.

  7. well this person obviously doesnt understand body proportions. look at the legs in comparison to the rest! and the boobs i wont even go there. i think your bloody awesome, and ive probably already said this but i really love that dress. :D

  8. Yeah...this person prob has no life and we are giving them attention they don't deserve! People like this are prob so miserable they have to try to make other people miserable. But I know it's not working! You look amazing as you are!

  9. Wow, Can you say Creeep-eeeeey! I'm sure it upset you to receive this and I'm sorry. I for one think you are just magnificent and I hope it doesn't prevent you from posting. Your blog is an inspiration, plus you're just too cute in all your dresses and such!

  10. Maybe I am being way too naive but I cant beliveve people actually criticise what you do!! You are fab, unique, stylish and beautiful!
    Im a 'too curvy' girl and LOVE clothes but havent got the courage to post pics of myself.
    GO GIRL!

  11. the original is better photoshop is quite alot of rubbish. its fake. and you are stunning as you are! whoever did this should of at least told you why otherwise it is just awful.

    yo uare so beautiful anyway why would you need to change anything? you are you and you should never have to "change"yourself for anyone. xx

  12. How cheeky is that?! Ignore them hun!

  13. It's your life. When you now start stop eating it isn't any healthier, just the people would stop saying anything because the society compare skinny with healty.
    It's your life, not everyone might be like it, and yes, I think it isn't helthy at all to be overweight. But that's just on your own business, some people smoke, some do extreme sport and you eat. Well who cares.
    If you like you as you are everything is fine :)

    But despite everything, I have to say that this is relly good photoshop work ;)

    Greetz from germany :)

  14. Someone wanted to show off their Photoshop skills and be a douche at the same time?

    You are so gorgeous and a total fashion inspiration. You always look stunning in the photos you post.

    I can't believe someone is actually frustrated enough about fat people looking awesome that they spent so much time 'shopping your photo. It's kind of sad, actually.

  15. you're gorgeous just as you are!

  16. Woah! Some people are strange & have way too much time on their hands! You look fabulous as you are!

  17. I think its really rude to send and make it.
    Would you follow my blog to?

  18. Creepy, even thought someone has quite good photoshop skills, the proportions look kind of WRONG xD

    Apart from this, I think this doesn't make a difference, people don't look good because they are fat or skinny, it is much more than just the figure, isn't it?! You look great because you are you and I really love your real you, not the photoshoped one <3

  19. Wow, that is ridiculous and RUDE.

    You're beautiful as-is!

  20. This is really creepy, especially since they left no message. The 'new' you looks ill, anyway. Tiny legs and unrealistic breasts. Bigger girls are better! You're gorgeous as you are, George :) x

  21. Whoa that is weird! I can't believe someone would do that, it is so rude and totally an invasion.

    You are fab just the way you are dear.

  22. Now this is really spooky. Ô_o
    But you shouldn't take it seriously, whoever did this hasn't even bothered to make his intentions clear, so just forget about that. You are pretty as you are! :)

  23. Who ever did this is sick in the head, and i dont even know you in real life, but i would beat them up if i knew who it was. ( and i have never fought anyone in my life)
    Im so sick of this fearful brainwashed society trying to get other people down because they feel like shit aobut themselves.
    I bet the person who did this must reallly hate themselves. And that is very very sad.
    You are beautful just the way you are. You are an inspiration, and the definition of fashion. And dont let anyone else tell you different!

  24. the thin picture just looks soul-less to me.
    not that they altered your eyes but it looks dead, like you lost all your spirit.

    if you're happy and beautiful on the inside it shines through.
    when you get to that point and you decide to start messing around with your image, a lot can go wrong.

    you're stunning. 'nuff said.

  25. I read you from time to time, and that's just incredible...
    Fashion is for everyone, no matter how we look like, what it really matter on streetstyle is how you feel fashion, and how you adapt it to your personality.
    I can not imagine how you're feeling... Stay strong, and keep posting your opinions and looks. It's better to see fashion on people with personality, than see it on the typical blonde blazered with the most expensive camera...

  26. Sorry, but I don't think this was done with positive intentions in mind:( I do completely understand why it threw you! I really hope it hasn't upset you in any significant way!
    I can see I'm not the only one who thinks this, there's something *off* about that potoshopped picture.

  27. You look gorgeus as you are,seriously.
    Just ignore this stupid mail.You've got so many Fans and I really admire you for your great outifits,your style and being yourself!

  28. This is what happens if you look in the mirrors in the Tesco's clothes area. True fact. It's very scary!

    But seriously, this is the same as people who shout insults from car windows. People who haven't got the guts to say things, but instead use mediums by which they can't be traced. And, apparently, waste time on things that don't matter :S I think you look lovely in the photo. The one on the right isn't you so it doesn't really matter.

  29. That has got to be the oddest thing I've ever seen, why would someone send you a photoshopped pic with out even explaining why they've done it???? creepy much...some people on the net are just plain weird.

    Don't let it stop you from doing what you want or from being awesome :)

  30. just rude and a coward for not leaving a name. Ignore this hater and negativity, you are beautiful!!

  31. How creepy! I'm sorry someone did that to you. :(

  32. Funny, At first I didn't notice any difference.. I had to read the entire text before noticing.. I think this just shows that id doesn't make the slightest big a difference...

    Must be weird for you though... Someone taking your picture... of you! The person who did this is really really creepy.

  33. I believe that every fat person would like to loose some weight. I was fat myself before starting vegetarian life style and still have few kilos extra :). Sure thinner Georgina would be more attractive sexually to a guy but I wouldn't add her RSS to my reader:) I'm following your blog cause I like what you are doin'.

  34. That is some epically bad photoshopping - on the right you look like you've been stretched on a Victorian torture device.

    This person is obviously very bored and not very talented. The fact remains you still manage to look gorgeous in both photos, and whatever your body was like I'd be a huge fan anyway, because your style is impeccable!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  35. Well, seemingly this person doesn't have a life to do such stupid things. Anyway, I prefer the real you and I think that you are a good example to follow (self acceptance) no matter the size.

    Stay what you are because you rock !

  36. That's so strange! It looks like it has been done by someone who knows their way around photoshop pretty well. Wish I had that much time on my hands!

    The proportions are odd too, you would probably fall over with those ankles and those boobs! Which in itself is really interesting, it highlights how people see different shapes as attractive. The creator obviously thinks you should still have big boobs, but we are so used to seeing very thin models in magazines with flat chests. Neither is right or wrong but both can be attractive in their own right. Plus different people find different attributes attractive!

    It takes a lot of guts to blog photos of yourself whatever size you are. Keep doing what you do, I for one love seeing what you wear.

  37. also just noticed they have photoshopped the shadow cast by your right arm, that's spooky attention to detail..

  38. Long time reader, first time commenter, inspired to do so by the sheer CREEPINESS of that photo. I'm so sorry girl, I'd be freaked RIGHT the hell out if something similar landed in my inbox. Good lord.
    For the record, though: The left is right, the right is....just wrong.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Just found your blog, and wow... I don't know how you do it. Reading back over a few posts, the comments you get attacking you, your Formspring... I consider myself a body acceptance activist, fat and unashamed, but I could not cope with the kind of shit you get from smartarses on the internet who think it's ok to abuse you because they're behind a computer screen.

    It makes me so mad, so upset. I just would not have the strength to do what you do. Thank you putting up with it all -- you're making a difference, and making things easier for women just like me.

    As for the photos, I think you look hot in both! Don't change a thing. Whoever sent you that picture has hate in their heart. They'll never be happy. Ever. They are to be pitied -- I hope whoever did it can some day come to accept & love themselves the way we all aspire to. Perhaps then they'll stop lashing out at those braver than them from the comfort & anonymity of the internet.

  41. The hips vs. legs proportions are off. It's like the photoshopped girl, if we saw her in her swimsuit, would have a big round hips with small legs attached. like a bubble.

    But more importantly, I think this person, no matter what their intentions, has helped you illustrate something. You are a real girl showing your real self loving fashion. All the celebrities who are photoshopped to the hilt in magazines -- if we saw them in person, we'd probably have a completely different view of ourselves.

    Keep on keeping on, girlfriend!!

  42. I honestly didn't notice the difference when my eyes first skimmed over it, and I think that's noteworthy. I think it means you are cute and stylish, period, and your size doesn't matter at all.

  43. Wow, internet creepers take on a new low! Who actually has that much time on their hands to be so god damn rude? And thats some really awful photoshopping...the hips are all out of proportion.

    And can I just say to the following comment....

    "St. Pal said...
    I believe that every fat person would like to loose some weight. I was fat myself before starting vegetarian life style and still have few kilos extra :). Sure thinner Georgina would be more attractive sexually to a guy but I wouldn't add her RSS to my reader:) I'm following your blog cause I like what you are doin'."

    I couldnt disagree anymore with you, 'thinner Georgina would be more attractive sexually to a guy'....I think not, its because you think like that, that you believe that every fat person would like to lose weight, because it somehow equals the fairy tale lifestyle which is only apparently achieveable by thinness. So very very wrong. Congratulations to you for achieving what you wanted to with your weightloss but please do not project your negative stereotypes on others. Fat or thin, people find allsorts of different people attractive sexually, I myself am a size 26 and my boyfriend wouldnt have my any other way! FACT!

    Keep doing your thing Georgina! You are beautiful!

  44. I just wanted to agree with the poster about me. My boyfriend left a size 8 girl to be with me, a size 20, and we're together 4 years later. Shows that size definitely doesn't matter.

  45. Hey :) I'm normally just a lurker on your blog but I'm a massive fan and have you on Facebook!
    I just wanted to say how proud I am of you for posting this and to show how sad and WEIRDDDDDD some people can be..
    I also didn't really notice the edited photo and to be honest, when I did, it completely gave me the creeps! Does this person also go around eating disorder websites and edit their photos to plus size????
    Keep up your amazing blog and post lots more quirky & cute outfit pics pleaseeeee! Lea S xx

  46. I'm not gonna lie, thin you looks alot better, healthier. Tho it's still rude to do this. But you will probably delete this comment anyways, just cause my opinion isn't what you want to hear.

  47. Oh sweetheart. This is nothing short of bullying, and it's gutless, spineless bullying at that.

    You are an amazing woman. I read your blog (never miss it) and I see a proud, fashionable, gorgeous woman who represents something that I can aspire to, not some ridiculous fake fantasy that mainstream media push on us. You always style yourself beautifully, delightfully in fact. You showcase looks, clothes and accessories that I would actually want and buy.

    You have so much to be proud of, and don't let the bullies out there get to you.

    I'm currently blogging on the subject of trolls and I'm going to link back to you because I think this is a perfect example of the crap we have to put up with.

  48. Big hug, Georgina. Whoever did that truly is a creepy waste of space with waaaay too much time on their hands. You're perfectly lovely the way you are and don't benefit in any way from being homogenized to look like a million other visually interchangeable fashion bloggers. Your size is part of what makes you you.

    What was the point, one wonders? Does the perpetrator view this bizarre act as an exercise in Conceptual Art perhaps? Are they planning to remodel every other fatshion blogger down to a size they find less challenging to look at? (And, if so, why are they bothering to look at fatshion blogs in the first place?) Are they fizzing with some kind of missionary zeal to make the whole world thin? Or do they, in keeping with St Pal upthread, labour under the misapprehension that the entire world revolves around their sexual preference?

    I almost wish they'd come out of hiding and fess up because, seriously, that is some weird shit.

  49. Ignore the haters because they thrive on this.
    Why in hell would they care what size you are anyways if they had a fulfilling life and were happy themselves? They wouldn't!~

  50. I think most of us would look good thinner if I'm honest but having said that what we look like is our business and how someone can have the cheek to do that and anonomously too is beyond me. I think you look fab in all your pics and you sure have style and do your own thing and I for one applaud that in a person. We don't all want to look the same - some of us like to be individual and size doesn't even come into it. I take a size 26 myself and to hell with anyone who thinks less of me for it. I think some people think we sit around all day eating and doing nothing when that couldn't be further from the true. Hold your head up high and shout out "I AM WHAT I AM!!" And id someone doesn't like it then they are the one with the problem NOT you!

  51. I dont think the person who created the image should come out of hiding. I think they should perhaps seek counseling, somebody to talk to about their apparently hostile relations to internet strangers.

    This kind of crap will persist in a society that appears to favour image over substance, and any kind of public display we make of ourselves will be a potential target for backlash.

    Me, Im little with veiny hands and look a fair bit younger than i am: and when i used to share lots of self portraits on flickr, I was emailed consistently by folks asking if i had considered treatment for my anorexia, some of them sending rude comments asking did i photoshop my 'age' away. It was extremely off putting. Eventually i became far more reserved with regards to uploading, and still feel a tad inhibited, but I would rather it didnt completely intimidate me. A tough call!

    Most of my commiseration's have been echoed above already, but the before-and-after-pic is simply ridiculous, very telling of an immature mindset which has evidently been a little too affected by current (and equally immature) trends online which seek to degrade women, and especially those that dont conform to the standard Hollywood bullshit.

    Shine on sister!

    I actually think the photoshopping is awful. Crap like this just continues to give digital artists with any creative integrity a bad name.

  52. Whoa, that is super creepy :(
    I'm sorry someone's taken such liberties with your photo, it's kind of invasive!

  53. If it makes you feel better, whoever did this isn't a total creep with nothing else to do but painstakingly craft a thinner photo of you.

    There's a programme called WeightMirror that allows you to upload a photo and see what the results of weight loss would be. It's up at

    Either way, you still have a lovely pretty face.

  54. Sabrina and i live in Slovenia and i read your blog because i like you a lot...i like you clothes and everything...and you were at our news...i like you like you are...and you should too...because whoever has made this photo is crazy !! if you want to loose weight you woudl do it...and then this person can see what you woul look like...not that he stool your photos and make them look wierd...i like you like you are ! stay sweet

  55. You're beautiful! I'm your fan! xoxo from Brazil

  56. Hello! My name is Ananda .. I am Brazilian and I'm 17 years old.
    I am also half chubby, and very cool you do this blog. I wanted to contact you so we can chat and exchange some ideas of fashion. Do not know if you'll be able to understand me all right because my English is somewhat bad. = D I really enjoyed the blog, congratulations. you show people a radiant happiness.

    I got 1.70 inches Height, weight 73 kilos and I have a boyfriend and cute.

    I love life and I enjoy meeting people ....

    I await your response ...

    kisses ..

    Ananda Bizzotto ...

  57. We live in a weird world where we get the opinion stuffed down our throat by the media and the high fashion.
    We are woman in all shapes and sizes, and I hate it when we are getting dissed because of how we look like or what we believe in...whatever size, color we are.
    Do not let something like this get you down. Believe in yourself.
    I must say this person had too much time on his/ her hands to make this...they need to get a life for themselves and look in the mirror first before judging someone else.


  58. Don't worry about these kind of people without a live for live. Are you happy with yourself? yes? well, in this case, fuck of the whole world and their opinions!!!
    If you're happy with yourself and proud of yourself don't think about anymore.
    In this world always will be bastards who think a curvy body is disgusting. But will be people who love them :)
    So don't worry, don't think about it. You've our support :) Curvy girls...we are beautiful!!

  59. I found your blog pretty recently and I really love what you have going on here. I love your guts because you're right--fatshion blogging takes a lot of it. I wouldn't know what to make of the picture either, but it's pretty douchey. I'm glad you posted it and brought it to light, though. Chin up, keep doing what you're doing!

  60. We most definitely have the same wall-

    ps. you are a cool babe. true facts.

  61. you know until i read the story behind the altered pic i didn't even NOTICE! you are beautiful and courageous keep the positivity around you! & screw the haters who've got nothing better to do! skinny or fat - shion at the end of the day its inspiring not just to me but others who come to see your site! so keep on makin that difference

  62. I was looking at some pictures on lookbook and I felt a little sad that all people who were there were too thin, so I thought: Would give to be fashionist being a fat chick? then, see your picture in the midst of so many others, I felt I was interested and seek to know more information about you went to your blog and read this post and what I can tell you about it: you're a winner, you're beautiful , you're fashionable, you're cool. It is not easy to be so, in today's world there are so many charges of being thin at any cost. Just a fat literally knows the weight it carries to be so, and face this prejudiced society is not easy task, you should be congratulated, I wish all that is good for you!
    I became your big fan in Brazil
    Aline @ leecastelar

  63. This is actually very AMATEUR HOUR photoshopping - the proportions are wrong and the body is far too elongated, also I know others have mentioned the hips and breasts, but also the feet, forearms and face are not in proportion and the shadowing in lazy... while this person may have time on their hands, they should perhaps try to be good at their "skill" before making a comment with it.

    Pretty much hon, whoever did this is a talentless or perhaps lazy arsehole who has ideas of talent grandeur.

  64. I wanted to add to this. I have thought about you a lot this weekend. I am so busy with work right now, I have time to read posts - but sacrifice comment time to work. I just wanted to tell you that this person is a COWARD. That is the ONLY word for it.

    I just think what a nasty piece of work they must be. ARSEHOLE, as used above - is the other word that applies, obviously. x.

  65. Thank you all so much for your support, I never expected to get this much of a response. I wasn't actually upset by the photo, just rather confused, especially as there was no explanation. I also thought it was a bit creepy! But thanks for your comments, it's lovely to have so much support.


    Georgina xxx

  66. Hello, Georgina!
    I am from Russia. My English is not as good as I'd like for this letter using the online translator. I hope you understand me.
    I am very thick. And always thought that losing weight by reducing the amount of food, and that my health is good. And always feel normal. But I always wanted to lose weight. And I went to the clinic to see whether this is so and I losing weight, simply reducing diet. It turned out that the tests I did not have very good and should be treated.
    Georgina, I understand what you feel and look beautiful. And I can not urge you to lose weight. No! If you have a great feel, it all depends on you and your desires. But in Russia we say "health is not to buy" or better comic "will be health, and the rest will buy" =), and at any weight, absolutely any, need to monitor health.
    And yet we have one of the biggest wishes for the holidays - it is the wish of health.
    Georgina, I wish you great health, and please us with your wonderful outfits! You are beautiful! And the envious do not pay attention!

  67. I'm not going to lie, the second pic looks good too... and notice I say TOO. You look great as you are honestly. I do not have the guts to do what you do because I am not good with criticism but when someone like you does it,, it inspires.

    So thank you..,, honestly are gorgeous =)))


  68. for my opinion, they are just jealous with u because they can't be like who you're.. :)

  69. Lets be honest - you are scary.

    The fact that are so confident in yourself, who you are, regardless of society's opinion of what is "beautiful" and what is "pretty," you ARE beautiful, and you are pretty.

    A girl who is so unique - so opposite of what society currently accepts - yet is so beautiful and confident - is scary.

    No matter what your differences are - if you are different than the "norm" and are PROUD of that difference, and FLAUNT that difference, its frightening for those who clench onto the norms and accepted standards of society.

    You are breaking new road - you are blazing a trail that hasn't been cemented yet. Until it is laid in stone, it will scare others.

    What does this sort of email me? Getting a picture of yourself photoshopped to be someone else who is you, but more "acceptable"? Strange feeling probably. What does it mean? Why?

    Because people are scared - you scare them, and you are proud of that.

    The fact that you had the guts to share this with us is what sets you apart as that trail blazer. You have inspired me, and all the other 68 commenters, to further embrace who we are - no matter how different, or how uniquely beautiful.

    I don't need to tell you to stay strong, and that you ARE gorgeous. You already know that.

    Just keep laying bricks behind you as you forge this new path, I'll be along side you, making sure they are ready for lots and lots of foot traffic.

    Keep writing, I'll keep reading, and stay amazing.


  70. sorry to leave a comment so long after the post but i only found your blog in last month or so and i think your beautiful and amazing and it needed to be said
    i think all that photoshoppingness shows is that your gorgeous no matter what size you are :)

  71. You are amazing that the way you are!

  72. You are amazing that the way you are!

  73. some of these commenters are pissing me off as much as the original ass who photoshopped the picture. Saying that you would be 'more attractive to a guyyyyy if you were thinner', whether she would or wouldn't isn't the issue, the issue is that people, even people who should know better (ie fat bloggers) STILL assume that a. all cis women and many female-bodied people should dress/look with the idea that the goal is to make all random penises jump to attention and b. 'guys' can look how they want without censure or admonishment because, hell, 'girls' just like them for being guys, tee hee! while 'girls' should spend every second of their life trying to be attractive to these Gods of Manliness. The next responder said 'my boyyyfriend loves me and i'm size 26 and thinks i'm beeyoootiful as I am', ie, she completely misses the point. One shouldn't starve or eat or do anything else just so some random penis person (who is usually ugly as hell and thinks nothing about his own looks) will find her beautiful. one should dress/look in a way that expresses themselves the way THEY want.


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