Monday, September 27, 2010

Beth Ditto @ Evans

Yes yes, I know I'm behind the times, but I still wanted to add my thoughts on the Beth Ditto collection at Evans. I always seem to be on holiday when Evans bring out their limited ranges (I missed the launch of Ruby Belle as well! *sad face*).

I haven't actually bought anything from the collection, so I have no photos to show you of anything on. Lauren & Em both have some great dressing room pics, so you can see the fit on a real body, not just a mannequin.
Personally, I am not overly in love with the collection, it seems to be a bit lacking in colour & the designs aren't as "out there" as the previous collection. This is bearing in mind I wasn't entirely keen on the previous collection either, hehe. I did buy the stain glass dress last time, but only after it went on sale. I think with this collection too, that if some of the pieces I like go on sale, I probably will buy them, but I don't love anything enough to pay the slightly inflated prices.
Pieces I do like are the polka dot dress, although I wish it had shorter & puffier sleeves. I also wish it had a solid collar like the one Beth Ditto is wearing in the promo pics, I'm not sure why Evans made it spotty for final production- you can't see the peter pan collar as easily that way. I also like the heart cropped cardigan, and the cameo belt. I also think the cape is cute, having seen it on Lauren. I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.

What did you think, are you pleased? Disappointed? Ambivalent? I am the latter, but it is good to see Evans doing special ranges. I also am hoping their new sister store, Style 369, will produce some good offerings. Things look a bit boring atm, but it seems it might be a little like ASOS Curve- disappointing launch, but (hopefully) dramatically improving. I read somewhere that it was supposed to be the fat girls Topshop, & I do so hope that will be true! After all, Arcadia does own Topshop too, so there is no reason why it couldn't.


  1. I'm pretty ambivalent myself. I was in love with that zig-zag dress but they never bothered putting it in their online shop. I think the heart-print cardi is cute, but I'm not convinced it's worth £40.

  2. i'm ambivalent too. On the one hand it's great to see a plus size collection by a celebrity and that isn't just baggy tees or whatever.
    On the other hand it's not awe inspiring and like you and beth say the prices are a bit much.
    There isn't really anything i'd buy apart from the leggings, but there's nothing special about leggings...

    I wonder if they photoshopped that collar so it stood out on the picture, it for sure looks better in flat black.

    i think style369 was opened in a rush due to the overwhelming feeback evans got from customers about wanting younger styles and more colours etc. so like you say, hopefully it will get better.
    I'd honestly be so happy if they just made the topshop stuff exactly the same but bigger. We all know that topshop clothes would look fine on bigger bodies if the sizes were available so there is no reason for arcadia not to do it.


  3. I'm also ambivalent: I do appreciate Evans going the mile and making this range with BD but I don't know if I'm going to spend that much. Maybe if the prices we're slightly lower I would? I heard also of style369 and yes, I'll be waiting for them to pimp up the store. Let's cross fingers it's a TS for curvies.

  4. I have to say I really love a few pieces, especially the red chevron dress (which sold out in seconds, boo-urns) but the prices are just too much. I cannot justify paying that much for clothes that aren't absolutely apectacular! (A lot of which I've seen before, there's no real innovation or originality.)

  5. I think the Beth Ditto collection is just rubbish the only thing I would wear is the skirts and thats only because evans is lacking in any kind of nice funky skirts that i'm desperate for anything. The dresses are all too high necked for me so not gonna be buying them.

    As for the style369 website I don't get the point of it at all!? There no point launching a site which simply has a few evans clothes on it. At least launch it with some exciting new items to catch people attention.

  6. I agree, it's just a bit 'meh'. I accidentally stumbled on the pop-up store in Selfridges and tried the flowery dress on and I have to say the shape is extremely flattering but I just didn't have a massive desire to buy. I'm sad there's nothing with a wow factor like some of the clothes Beth wears herself, I understand the need to be commercial but really, fat chicks are happy to pay and to wear something special that's on trend. Completely agree with your comments on style369 too, great look book, rubbish site!

  7. I too am a bit ambivalent about this collection. I wish, like you, that the designs were more "out there".
    That being said, I woke up the morning of the launch (a little late), and I read through the #dittowatch hashtag, and I lost my mind a little bit. I do think BD is completely awesome, and even though I could have wished the pieces were just *more*, there are some pretty things in there, (like the cape, and the heart cardigan, and the cameo belt, and the heart skirt) and, er, I may have bought all of them. Like I said, lost my mind. Now I'm waiting for it to arrive.

  8. Disappointed. I didn't see anything that I would feel happy to wear. :-(


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