Monday, August 09, 2010

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Bracelet - Next Ring - Republic

I don't normally do much in store shopping, I tend to buy nearly everything online. I find it so much easier & much less stressful, plus there's barely anything on the high street for a girl of my size. I don't even have a real Evans store near me, just a tiny section in the local BHS. Anyway, I did go shopping today, but this was all I bought, fashion wise. I did also get some toiletries & some stickers, but that was it. I went into New Look & tried on a couple of things, but none really took my fancy. Oh well! When I got home I ended up buying yet another dress from ASOS! I also bought a black fur collar. I have been wanting one for ages & scouring Ebay & other shops for something remotely like what I was looking for. Then I do my daily check of ASOS & they have a cream & a black one in the exact style I wanted! Yay for ASOS!

I actually can't wait for Winter to arrive, so I can start dressing in all my cute knitwear& layering up. The sunny weather has returned, for now at least, so I was back to wearing summery clothes today. I always find that in Winter, I dream about Summer, and in Summer, I dream about Winter. Something's not right there, lol! Are you looking forward to the colder months, or are you hoping that the warm weather will last longer? Vice versa if you live down under!


  1. I am looking forward to the colder months, fashion wise, but I totally enjoy the summer weather!

  2. I have a real evans store near my home but the problem is that I only can buy de 40% of all the items Evans have online. It's the worst because the great clothes or beautiful clothes never came to Spain U_U . But I use to do a thing. I go to evans, I try on my size and then I buy the clothes online :D is the best way.

    I really miss very much winter too :( I need my dose of snow, cold wheater, boots, knitwear, bikers, scarfs and tons and tons of layers of clothes.
    Hot is terrible in Spain U_U

  3. I hate the winter I'm totally a summer person. But this time the summer didn't show up a lot in germany :(
    But I hope i can move to england soon for an au- pair year and enjoy the famous british weather.

  4. I'm excited for fall but not for winter. I bought a lot of cute sweaters and layering clothes I am dying to wear out though but no snow for me please!

    Anyways, that bracelet is wicked cute! I'm jealous. And I can never find rings that fit anything but my pinkie fingers :/

  5. Give me autumn/winter over summer any day! I love wrapping up warm & cozy in lots of woolies. Give us a link to ASOS purchases!

  6. How well sized are the rings from repulic because they have some lovely ones but I have larger fingers and I'm a bit unsure as to whether they'll fit or not?

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  8. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Loverlada - I think I have really small hands, comparatively. I manage to fit most hightstreet rings, though only in a large. In evans rings I am a small, & I also find their bangles too large, they just slide off my wrists.

    Prettyglitter - I am wearing a large, but as I've said above, I think I have quite small hands for my size. I know that most of my fingers fit "L" marked rings, which is normally a diameter of 19mm across.

  9. ta bague est a tombee OO


  10. The ring is amazing, it makes me feel like licking it, he he, it looks like candy :)

  11. OMG your ring are GORGEOUS !!

    xoxo Audrey ;)

  12. I love fashion accessories and you provide the best pictures of them . Thanks Georgia for sharing these beautiful stuff. I like this ring too much.


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