Wednesday, August 04, 2010


It was raining here today in sunny old England, & about an hour ago this beautiful rainbow appeared, so I snapped a couple of pics. The one posted is actually 2 shots pasted together, as I couldn't get far enough back to fit the whole rainbow in, this was the view from our balcony. No outfit post this time, sorry! I haven't had time to take photos of my most recent outfits, although the other day I did wear a new bunny jumper from Next, which I really must get a photo of next time I wear it, as it is adorable! Nothing much else is happening recently. I found out I am going to North Wales again in September, so that is something to look forward to. I am also going on a jewellery course at college at the end of September, I am really excited/nervous about that.

I haven't been buying as many clothes recently, although I have just placed an order with New look, for some winter accessories & a cute cardigan. I also am waiting (im)patiently for an order I placed from We Love Colors. I ordered 4 pairs of coloured tights, after I had quite a few comments on how my black tights don't work too well with my pastel outfits. I ordered the pastel mint colour, ivory, orchid pink & pale pink. Fingers crossed they will fit & look cute! They are supposed to fit me, but I am a little worried, as I have had other tights that are "supposed" to fit & don't. I.e. Evans tights :(

Oh oh, & also, the heart print mesh t shirt I ordered from the Littlewoods preview arrived the other day, it is soooo cute on, even if my Mum did express shock as she said it wasn't my usual style. She also said it looks a little dancewear-esque, but I don't care, lol! I just buy things I like, regardless of if I have stuff to go with it, or if they match the style of all my other clothes. I'll try & get pics of it soom, I have a feeling it will go really nicely with my Evans pink/black stripey skirt.


  1. When I saw the rainbow, my thoughts were: "Rainbow! Yay!"
    Good luck on your jewellery course! Your stuff is great, so I can't see how you would not do good:=)

  2. hey back! lovely rainbow, must mean good things are coming your way :)

  3. Evans tights don't fit me either, but Boots (TFF size) and M&S do, phew! Do you get yours from one particular ebay seller?

  4. great picture, love it (:

  5. beautiul rainbow =) Makes me smile looking at it.


  6. hey~ loving the picture, nice capture =)

  7. I really miss so much the rain U_U I replace two spanish sunny and hot days by two english rainy days. I need them!!! I miss so much rainbows T_T
    I've had problems with evans tights too Ô_o is like the size wasn't the proper but is your size...strange >_< I dunno.
    Good luck on your jewellery course! sounds great and interesant!
    And about the pic, is great *_* cool rainbow, huge, indeed!

    Good luck and enjoy in Wales T_T I miss it so much too!

  8. hey i really love your blog, do you mind checking mine out and letting me know what you think, im kinda new to this


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