Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion Bloggers Secret Santa 2010

Valerie, of Blog to be Alive, is hosting a fashion bloggers secret santa this year. There's a tumblr dedicated to it, if you want to find out more details, here. I think this sounds like a really fun idea - I already sent my details in. I hope some more of you sign up, swapping is a great experience, I do it all the time over on Craftster.

Georgina x


  1. hi, so happy to be the first one to post comment.

  2. Hey I signed up too I can't wait what a brilliant Idea please check out my Sale

  3. Thank you very much for mentionning it. :)

  4. HI! I go on lookbook to practice drawing full body shots of people (as well as AWESOME clothes)
    I discovered you and by golly you are probably my favorite model ^^
    I hope you do not mind, but after I refine my drawing of you I'd like to post it on my sketchblog :) I'll have a link to your blog and probably lookbook, of course!
    You're sooo beautiful and I love everything you do (ohhh and I love Audrey Kawasaki, too!)



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