Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know, it's great news that Marc Jacobs will soon be producing plus size fashion, but was anyone else more than a little creeped out by these photographs from their A/W campaign? To me, they look like photographs not dissimilar from those taken of nazi concentration camps. The girls lying down look dead, and I don't think these photos look remotely nostalgic or whimsical, as other bloggers have proclaimed.

Maybe I am just overreacting, what do you think?


  1. I can definitely see how the photos themselves look "old" (which some people would call nostalgic, though I wouldn't). That said, I really dislike them.

  2. OMG! how creepy! they look like corpses :/ doesnt make me want to buy the clothes at all..

  3. I agree! I thought you were doing a piece on annorexia when the 1st picture loaded up!!

  4. Haha, I thought the exact same thing when I looked on the second picture especially... Like a concentrationcamp for sure... Dead bodies lying lifeless on the ground.. In fabulous knitwear! ^^

  5. "Lifeless" is a word that comes to mind, looking at those pictures. Yeah, I don't 'get' this theme at all, wtf is supposed to be the appeal of it? If you want to look like a skeletal corpse, buy these clothes?

  6. I don't like the pictures at all.

  7. It is bloody creepy..... I don't like it one single bit... even if the shots were meant to be artistic.

  8. They are not whimsical or nostalgic at all. It's very creepy, and I agree with you that it reminds me of Nazi camps. I think these photos are ridiculous, not to mention insensitive.

  9. they don't really look "healthy" at all,i like when girls and woman have curves but to be honest i think your overweight looks dangerous!no one has to be skinny but if i would have so much overweight like you,i would get worry about my health.you seem relly nice and i really respect your blog but i'm getting scared when i see some of the pictures and it seems okay for you to be that way.you're so young and life can be so short,have you never worried about that?i'm sorry to be so honest but being healthy is in my eyes one of the greatest things in life and you don't look healthy,i really worry about you girl,hope you will find one day the strength to live a healthier life...

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  11. Someone should really give "petit bleuet" a punch in the face. Seriously....SERIOUSLY????!!! OH MY GOD IM SO FREAKING PISSED OF RIGHT NOW!

    *calming myself down*

    Dear miss petit bleuet - ...... No I can't... Im to pissed of. Just take your worries somewhere else, all fat people, myself included know about the risks and bla bla bla..

    This is what you're saying - "It almost seems like you love yourself, you are supposed to be selfloathing and eat air"

    ..... Seriously petit bleuet, Im worried about you, you seem to have very low selfestem since you need to project that on everyone else. I really worry about you girl, hope you'll one day find the strength to live with a happier selfimage.

  12. i'm sorry but that was just my opinion!
    i was just a lil bit shocked when i saw some pics,like i said people don't have to be that size zero skinny which is also unhealthy but when i see this kind of unhealthy overweight i get thoughtful and not in a mean or superficial way,i just worry about this young girl,i can understand that it sounds disrespectful but that was not my intention.i'm not here to bully her but it makes me sad to see her in that way and i doubt she is that happy as it seems.people should be more careful with their blogs,i'm sure a lot of people will laugh about the pics and that's really sad.

    @endroppeihavet it was just my honest opinion and you wanna give me a punch in the face?i don't get that.you call me a person with a low selfestem but am i the one who put a lot of pic on the web to present myself in a bizarre way???it seems you can't deal that people have different opinions,i just wrote my opinion and i never said it's the only one that count,if you have an open blog and if you are that overweight and presenting yourself in pics,you have to deal with it that people get shocked and worried and writing comments about health risks and i'm sure i was not the first one who mentioned it.

  13. hey! :) i love your blog so I gave u an award :)


  14. My first thought when I saw these pictures was that they have a... violence against women feeling. Which isn't a conclusion I usually jump too, but with the passive, broken way they're laying around, it's just creepy and murder-victim looking. Do not want.

    Also Bleuet should probably be watching a different blog.

    Ps- still dangerously envious of your style. I hope the weather cools down enough this year that I can rock some delicious layered fall looks.

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  16. These girls needs to be fed, this ad is more appropiated to a No-Anorexia campain.
    I love Marc Jacobs, fashion is great & bla bla but sometimes i cannot get the fashion must see/buy/whatever thing soooooo "in" we all get mad for it.
    Photography is cool, art is cool but sometimes dumbies art directors who thinks their ego is better than yours creates free disturbing ways of seeing fashion that i really dislike because in the end a lot of people think it's cool...

  17. I did think it was an anti-anorexia campaign when I got to the second photo - the skeletal girls looking doleful in the first appear distracted and bloodless, and then, lying on the bare ground, they look as though they have had every ounce of life taken from them. The whole presentation in that second photo seems to point towards infertility, barrenness, and death. Seems like it would be a fantastic way to point out how much eating disorders can wreak havoc on the body.

  18. When I saw the first photo, the first thing that came to my mind was "Did someone kept them in a basement for 18 months and NOT feed them and not let them back in the lovely glow of sunlight?"


  19. Well, all the Marc Jacobs ads I've seen recently have been photographed by Juergen Teller, and I really don't care for Teller's work. He's a talented photographer, and he's good at creating a specific mood, but that mood never makes me want to buy the clothing. To me, it feels dark, unhappy, and meaningless.

  20. The girls look ill and sad... is the whole point trying to say that corpses can be chic too? :-S

  21. I had to think about it, they don't look like they are in a concentration camp. They look like they have just been escorted from the ghettos. Dressed to the nines because that is all of their belongings. Not knowing that this would be their grime fate. Wow! I know fashion shoots are supposed to make us feel something but I don't think it is supposed to be my stomach turning. shame because the clothes really are lovely.

  22. it suxx that i can't reply to a comment here. anyways, i agree with petit bluet, and she was really respectful, i thought the same thing as her but i knew i cant tell it in a way that people wont get pissed, and here it is! someone wants to punch her in the face, excuse me but i hate agressive people like that, when someone makes it clear that she has no bad intentions...

    But back to your post, YOU ARE RIGHT. concentration camp, reminds me of that too, just somehow the pictures have that feeling , and i dont think thats a good promotion for the collection, doesnt make me personally feel good about it...

  23. Mesike, I've been following this, erm, argument and I have to say, I don't think petitbluet was polite at all. I think she was masquerading as somebody with concern when all she wanted to do was be insulting.

    I don't think anybody who's overweight isn't aware of it, there are constant reminders, daily and otherwise. They know of the risks and don't need to be reminded of them in their own 'zone' as it were. Petit could have emailed in private if she was genuinely concerned, when this really just seemed like a backlash to the opinions of the girls in the advertising being too skinny.

    Then for her to suggest that other people would laugh at this blog, now that is downright mean. I don't see how this blog would have a big appeal to other people who weren't plus-sized given it's the majority of posts are about plus-sized clothing retailers.

    Petit's comment had all kinds of mean hidden in plain sight. It's no wonder other people got annoyed. Her attitude stinks, the blog owner knows of the risks to her health- you just have to go a page or two back to see this- but she accepts this, gets on with her life and looks amazing, too.

  24. I know what you mean - there is something incredibly unsettling about this photoshoot. It makes me think of women who have been abused :( Unfortunately, it looks a lot that awful 'heroin chic' thing that was all the rage in fashion in the 90s. The third photo looks almost like they've been beaten and then arranged to look like corpses or something, as does the second photo on the dirt. Its a shame because the clothes are pretty. In fashion, the message is so contradictory - they want to make women feel good but I've seen so many things that go against that idea.

    Also - size discrimination hidden in fake concern is not a good look. Its called being patronising and not appreciating that everybody is different.

  25. I think this is amazing. I find it to be tragic beauty. I do think it's completely intentional, especially knowing how Marc Jacobs usually loves playing with bright colors and feminine forms. He's been a successful designer for a long time, I think he has the artistic freedom to present his marvelous designs however he pleases.

    Also, I'm disappointed in how many people are defending obesity yet calling these models 'sick' and 'anorexic'. These girls are skinny, certainly, but I don't see any jutting bones here. Keep on preaching about 'size discrimination' while practicing it yourselves.

  26. Im a tad late, but did want to say something in response to petit bleuet.

    I myself am small/slim, and this by no means qualifies me for a bill of perfect health. I am constantly in awe of the lack of awareness in this area, especially considering we live in such an image conscious society.
    No weight or physique can tell you very much about an individuals personal health.
    A preoccupation with lecturing larger/curvier women on the perils of weight gain is not only counter productive to self acceptance, but it actually perpetuates our cultures obsession with style over substance, image over personality.

    It is not helping women, it is perpetuating our legacy of self hatred.

    When i visit this blog, I see a lovely young woman with fantastic style, who has never struck me as remotely unhealthy, especially considering her exemplary dedication to her blog, passion for clothes and craft. Her weight is simply not my business, and i choose to respect her, 100%, for who she actually is.
    As a thin person i am inspired by this girl, regularly, due to her wicked eye for detail, dream dresses, accessories and such, not to mention my envy of her always managing to snap up the shoes i desire before theyve actually sold out;)

    To stress concern for her health really appears suspect, for you have no idea whatsoever exactly how healthy she is. She is perhaps more tuned into life and her body than many of us will ever hope to be, and in my book that goes one hell of a long way. So does a higher bodyweight put us at rick of certain diseases? The jury may be out on that one, but i can say for certain that no matter what we weigh, we are ALL predisposed to at least SOME disease, regardless of our lifestyle, so perhaps petit bleuet ought to worry about her own lifestyle........like i do mine.

    Heart disease runs in my family. Therefore I am somewhat predisposed. And guess what, most of my family tree were skinny, non smokers, and the reaper still reaped his shit;)

    Anyhow. Im done now.
    Keep up the good work cupcake x
    Lou (art&Ghosts)

  27. Wait, this is supposed to be a plus size fashion ad??? Wow, totally didn't get that here. If they want to do a plus size ad, then get some actual plus size models, since these girls look like a size 2, maybe a size 4 at the most. And yes, they do look like they've been in a concentration camp, I can't help but think of the Holocaust when I look at these pictures. And the angle of the last picture makes me think of them being in a grave and looking down at them. Do not like. :(

    And I think it's incredibly rude for petitbleuet to say something like that. If they were truly "concerned" they could have emailed you or something, rather than putting it as a comment to this post.

    Just because a person is overweight does not mean that they can't be healthy. I have to say, I completely agree with Louise. :)


  28. I'm with you on this one! The first photo made me go, "Ooh look at the hair! And the clothes!" etc. etc. but the last two are downright creepy. The second one especially makes the models look as though they're paper cutouts rather than living people...spooky. =S

    With all this arguing about size going on...I'm a size 14/16, so I'm mostly too big for 'ordinary' clothes, but too small for plus size clothes. It's taken me a long time to accept my size, and every now and then I have 'fat days', so I'm guessing everyone else on here is similar in that sense. I don't care if you're trying to appear concerned rather than attacking, you just don't comment on people's weight. Ever. It's such a sensitive topic for lots of people and it's not wise to go there.

    By the way, I was introduced to your blog via my gender studies discussion board - apparently, you're challenging conventional ideas of beauty! Congratulations! (And I would totally wear all the things you wear here if I had the money.)


  29. When taking a good long look the cholthes is actually pretty nice, but for the first 8 sec i didn't see that at all. he only thing I saw was how skinny the models are and how creepy the pictures are.
    And i think that it is strange that they choose to use these pictures because what you want to do when you sell stuff is to make people belive that they themselves could look good in that cholthes and really, when I look at this I think that this chlothes will look pretty horrible on most people.
    I do not think that you are overreacting.

    Love your blog.

  30. I don't like the campaign, it doesn't say plus-size to me on any plane. In fact they all look ill.

  31. You're blog is very attractive, colourfull!!!
    I love mode and it's very great to discover over styles
    I'm very impressed by your creativity! clothes, photos taken,..
    Unfortunately, people don't wear like that in France


    P.S: I want to react about these photos of Marc Jacob !
    I'm totally shocked!!
    because they are so lean to be healthy
    and they definitely experience none pleasure in their lifes!

  32. The first photo gave a sort of wartime atmosphere which is fine. The next 2 photos are plain creepy. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought they looked like victims of the Nazis laid out there


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