Saturday, July 17, 2010


Skirt Ruffle Bag Shoes Headband Bow Bag

I love velvet! But apparently no other shop I shop at, with the exception of New Look does. I noticed all these lovely velvety things last night, & made my mind up to do a post on it today. When I had a quick search around all the shops I normally shop at, there were few, if any results, and definately nothing to my taste. How disappointing:(

I've bought the pink velvet bow bag, although I was unsure whether to get the ruffle one or that one, if the ruffle one had had a bow on it, I would have got that one. I also got the black hairband, which I have been coveting for a while.. I would have got the skirt, but it's unfortunately only in their main range sizing, but that does mean you lovely smaller fatshionistas can snap one up! New Look's main range goes up to a size 18, & as the skirt is stretchy it will probably go a few sizes higher. The shoes, alas, are way to high for me to walk in. If they had made them in a mid heel or pump format, I would have grabbed them instantly! As it was, I bought a chalky white pair of pumps with a chiffon bow to go along with my velvety goodies.

I am really longing for a velvet (not crushed-I hate crushed velvet) skater dress to become available in my size somewhere. I always associate velvet with winterwear, & how cute would a velvet dress, tights, & some pretty pumps look? I may be out of sync with the velvet fashion trend, but shops, please stock up on velvet goodies just for me?

Also, I will hopefully have a post up later today showing you 2 of my recent purchases, the ASOS bed jacket & floral culottes. I am still unsure about them , so you can help me decide!


  1. Gosh, I love the ruffle bag, I've been thinking about getting a sweet little cross-body kiss-lock purse for ages! Luckily New Look is one of those that ship to where I am :D

  2. If you shop at forever 21 at all, they have velvet "pumps" (I was confused for a moment, Im in the US and they are flats to us! what you posted is what we call pumps ahah) with a bow on them! I will look around for you :)

  3. Littlewoods have a velvet body suit and a tunic in the south section :)

  4. I absolutely adore velvet I must have about 6 velvet jackets. You tnd to find it in the winter more than summer months.


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