Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dress - Next, via Ebay Cardigan - Evans Pumps - Evans Tights - Ebay Bow - ASOS Necklace - Next Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins

Here's another OOTD for you all. Still very pastelly, lol! I am actually wearing all new purchases. I got the dress from Ebay for a mere £15, with the tags still on. The cardigan is from Evans, and is actually a waterfall cardigan, which I swore I'd never buy, but you can tie it up like this for a cute bolero look, or leave it down.

I actually got the necklace today, we went shopping at Next, and I finally bought it! I'd been eyeing it up for a while, but my Mum told me it was ugly so I got put off. Turns out luck was on my side with waiting, I got it for £5, reduced from £12, even though it wasn't marked on sale!? My mum told me she didn't like it again, but then a lady in the queue turned around and said it was pretty, and went well with my cardigan! Then the cashier said that it was gorgeous, so hehe!

The pumps are also new- look how cute! Also from Evans. I love the little gold stud detail. I didn't have any pumps in a pastel colour, and I've been wearing a lot of them recently, so I thought I should invest in some pumps that went!

In other news...I shall be having another giveaway soon! I shall have it when I reach 300 followers, so get following! :P And because I don't say it enough, thanks to my readers, commenters, & supporters! I really appreciate you!


  1. As always I LOVE your outfit! Which cardigan is it? I'm looking for one just that colour...

  2. Monkey - It is this one: http://www.evans.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33054&storeId=12553&categoryId=209412&parent_category_rn=209401&productId=1839636&langId=-1

    Thank you!

  3. I really love pastel colors!
    You look beautiful!

  4. Pretty colours!

    On another note, ASOS are copying you!



    crazy eh?!

  5. I Love that dress and I love what you have done with the cardigan!
    Necklace is cute too! x

  6. Cute colours in this outfit. xo

  7. Thanks! Its payday fri so might have to spend!! If you get chance check out my blog & offer your vote!!!

  8. beautiful print on your dress <3

    what brand/where on ebay do you buy your tights?
    im having a nightmare trying to find some to fit me comfortably and ive tried everywhere i can think of :(


  9. i am not sure why i havent been a follower of your blog..i have been looking at it for months. but i have fixed that and am now following.

    oh my goodness. i love that dress on you. (i actually love ALL your dresses) you look beautiful!!! i can never find anything on ebay. boo. maybe it's for the better. :) xoxo

    stop over at my blog if you have a chance.
    i'm having a giveaway on jewlery.

  10. Print on the dress is just amazing!


  11. this outfit is super cute!


  12. You're amazing.
    respect that u like to wear pretty shining clothes. love it. <3

    [sorry, my english is fucking bad.]

  13. Best outfit ever.


  14. that dress was a nice score & I loveeee the studded flats. they're so subtle!

  15. I love the colors of this outfit! Every time I come on your blog I just want to buy everything you own, I would wear it all! You look lovely! xoxo

  16. cute! and I love those flats, super cute ^^


  17. I am astonished! I see your blog and wow.. respect!
    You have not the standard size but you have a fashion blog, it's so different. But I adore you for your courage!

    By the way I like your dresses!

  18. Spent ages just now reading through your blog - I love it! You always look so cute and super-girly. You're amazing.


  19. I love it!!! your style and colour coordination is always so inspiring :) thank you for always posting such happy outfits.

  20. You look so cute! and your style is great!:) I think it is really good that you are doing this blog! Really an inspiration by others! Im following!
    P.S- please vote on our blog! it will help us a lot, and we would be really thankfull:)

  21. cuuuuuute dress :3
    I like it :3


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