Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dress - ASOS Socks - Sock Dreams Cardigan - New Look Shoes - Evans

Now I know not everyone will like this look, in fact I'm not sure if I do, it reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, I was wearing my new socks & dress, which arrived today. I got the socks from Sock Dreams, I also got a plain black pair, which go over the knee.

Both pairs fit me, yippee! I was a bit worried they wouldn't, esp for these, as although the info said the body of the sock stretched over 20 inches, they said the cuff only went to 20, & thus I might have problems pulling them over my calves to the knee. But they did go on, and stretched around my 24 inch calves easily. There wasn't much for stretch, but they did loosen after I had worn them a while! The black pair I also tried on & those really were super stretchy & had loads of room for my legs. They also go up over my knee, although I don't know how well they will stay up as I haven't worn them out yet.

The dress I got from ASOS, it is this one. The fit on this is a bit weird, it's rather roomy around the underbust & therefore kind of hangs from my chest in not the most flattering way. A belt would help, I think. But it is very cute & I love the colour, plus it's on sale! I also bought the floral culottes & the premium bed jacket, but the jury is out on those, I can't tell if I like them. I might post photos for you & get you to help me out, I think I can "make them work", I'm just worried they might be a lot of work & I'll never bother.


  1. such a cute outfit! the long socks really give a nice chic look, i love the wonderland, alice vibe!
    and that rainbow is so cute!
    xx, zaia

  2. I love the Alice look - it's very cute!

    I thought you socks looked great so I checked out that sock dreams website and it's amazing - I thin k I'll be buying stuff from there in the future ^^


  3. Great look! I'm such a fan of knee high socks.


  4. Exactly! You look so cute! Just by chance but based on your style of dress, but are you into Sweet Lolita? I think you'd make one of the cutest ones if you are! ^_^

  5. I love that blue color. I need to find a dress in that shade. By the way, I found your blog through lookbook and I was so happy. I thought I discovered a new blogger, turns out you're very established! lol

    cool blog. I will be following


  6. Blue looks great on you! :)


  7. love the picture. you're so pretty. great outfit

  8. It does remind me of Alice in Wonderland, but in a good way:=)

  9. I've been umming & arrhing about the bed jacket too! Get pictures up and show us! Love sock dreams! I have a number of pairs from there now and I may purchase the ones you are wearing in the picture!

  10. I think you look so heavenly nice. =)
    It's funny that i thought you looked like a sweet Alice and then you mentioned it.
    Wish i had the guts to wear knee high socks,i tried a few times during winter,but i never felt confident enough.

  11. love it :)


  12. Thanks everyone!

    Rae bella - I do really like the lolita styles, but I'd never wear a full on outfit. I do often wear elements of it though!

    Monkey - Will hopefully take pics tomorrow & post them. I do think I am probably sending them back, unless I can find some cool way to style them.

  13. O_O you look like Alice in wonderland !!! *_* cute!!!

  14. Georgina, I believe we own the same over the knee black socks, and I had to get a garter belt to hold them up.

  15. Now I have to go shop at this sock place. o_o
    I have thick calves and thighs, so its hard to find lolita/kei socks. HOMG I can't wait properly fitting stockings!!

    BTW its unfortunate you don't wear lolita, you would look so cute in it.


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