Sunday, July 04, 2010

I just wanted to repost this question & answer from my formspring, because I think some of you may be interested in my answer.
Don't you think you should do something about your weight? I mean, obviously, it's not healthy. I'm not hating on you or anything, don't get me wrong, it's just... you're putting your health at a lot of risk.
Weight in itself is not actually putting me anymore at risk than someone who smokes, someone who drives a car, or even someone who is just simply alive. There will always be "risks" to our health in every aspect of daily living. Someone who boils a kettle is at risk of scalding themselves, someone who walks around is at risk of tripping over and breaking their knee. Yes, being overweight can lead to health problems, but for a lot of people it doesn't. Same as not everyone who drives a car gets injured in a crash. I am not even going to try and argue that I am even remotely healthy in my actions, yes I eat a lot of crap & I don't do any exercise. I am a "bad fat". But what about someone with a healthy bmi who eats junk & doesn't exercise? Are they more healthy than the fat person? But I do believe there is more than the physical aspect of health, there is also mental health too, which in many respects is far more important than physical health. Dieting can often put someone's mental health at risk, but society views this as okay, because obviously we all "need" to have a perfect bmi, or we are going to die of a heart attack at age 35. Societal pressure to be thin can wreak havoc with a persons mental health. Look at the rising numbers of Anorexia & Bulimia just for one example. Depression is also often a contributing factor to other end of spectrum disorders, such as Compulsive Overeating Disorder, and Binge Eating Disorder. Looking after my mind is far more important to me than worrying about any possible illnesses I may get due to being overweight. If I walk down the stairs, I may fall down them, if I go on a train, I may die if it crashes, If I eat an egg, I may get salmonella. I can't live my life worrying about what "may" happen, that's not much of a life at all


  1. Very well put, I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. Your answer was solid and concise. Congratulations, it's very well written and I couldn't agree more! :)

  3. You make your decision to live your life a certain way, just like you make a decision to dress a certain way (fabulously, I might add). If it isn't doing harm to anyone else, how is it any of their damn business?

  4. Sadly, weight seems to be one of those issues that everyone feels is their business.

    You rock lady - your style is awesome and your response to that question is spot on.

  5. What an absolutely fabulous response! I wish the media & more importantly the govn would realise that humans come in all shapes & sizes. I've always refused to apologise for my size.

  6. You are awesome!

    But I will echo "how is it any of their damn business?"

    Mental health is the most important. And it is not mentally healthy to beat yourself up over the number on the scale. You do yourself much better to live proud and happy regardless of what it reads!

  7. Somewhat simplified, I would argue, but essetially very well said. The negative mental aspects of dieting seem to be one of those things that people have a hard time grasping. You writing this, has reminded me that I want to think it through thorougly so I can explain it as well as possible the next time it comes up.

  8. I adore you already! =D

  9. Georgina.... I LOVE YOU!!! You're right! Most of the time people just see our weight and not our mind, our hapiness. That drives me crazy! If you are right, so keep going this blog and don't listen critizes...

    You give me the fierce to live my life how I want!

    By the way... I love your outfit ^^

    XoXo Drakulya

  10. I can't believe people even waste your time with remarks about your body. Any negative comment isn't acceptable. If people can't tear you down one way, they always find another way to try.. You shouldn't have to justify yourself. It's your life, ignore them.

  11. you are the best and i think you had the great explication to answer i agree with you!and i love your style so romantic!
    if you want to speack about fashion and art

  12. hey hey georgina!

    with your answer to such an offensive question, its truly inspirational!

    xoxo loo loo!

    ps. i love your lookbook!

  13. that outfit is sooo cute! this is a lovely blog! I'm going to follow!! if you have the time please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think :)

  14. you are very loved by so many people. these people who responded to this seem to have your back. and I'm jealous haha.<3

    I feel it's not conclusively said enough.I don't know this is just my opinion. I wanted to hear if you were happy with your figure or not adding to what you said here.
    I came across your like an hour ago and got interested in you. because you seem very stylish and unique.
    I respect you for standing up for it and saying what you think.

  15. woo! you go girl! your so damn right :D

  16. Here here!

    Goodness isnt it nice that there are so many do gooders out there whom are so very concerned about the health of us fat girls?!

    I have to admit I get so annoyed when people pry into MY health, they play the health card because its the only way they think they can patronise and criticise us about our size by making it look like a genuine concern, when really they are just wanting to take a dig at the 'your a fatty' card....

    But im not bitter or anythin';)

  17. I have to say you are a bit delusional about the health issues, an obese person has a much higher chance than a normal person to be unhealthy, you can't tell me your joints and your back are perfectly fine.
    Someone with a normal BMI and the same eating habbits will most likely have less problems than you because they do not have to carry all that weight.
    You will also not live as long as a person with a normal BMI and that's a fact.

    Also your mental health can't be perfect either, you sure get looked at by people on the streets, I'm sure you were bullied and have to deal with alot of crap from people too and ontop of that harder for an obese person to find a job (sad but true).
    And I assume you ARE eating disordered, overeating is considered . Unless its due to an illness.

    So yes, you are at a more risk than a person who is simply alive. You are right that there are always risks, but why add one by staying the size you are?

    I understand that it's really hard to lose weight and that it's easier to pretend you accept the size you are and are happy with it.
    But I'm really sick and tired of people like you who say they are healthy even tho they are so overweight. It's simply not true.

    This is just as unhealthy as those "pro-ana's" who sell beeing anorexic as a lifestyle.

  18. Wow, I do adore you so much, u r comfortable with yourself the way u r. I can´t even manage to feel comfortable while my bmi is in a normal range. And yes, dieting has put my mental health at risk. I must admit, I do now suffer from an ED - and it´s no fun.

    Yes, being obese is an additional risk to shorten your life but maybe you avoid other possible risks. As scientists have recently found out: Being lonely shortens your life as much as smoking or even being overweight does!

  19. At the end of the day, as long as you're happy and feel comfortable in your skin nothing else matters? It's your body, you do what you like to it.

    It's a great to see a girl whos not a tiny size showing off her outfits and giving off a great confidence.

    Im a big girl myself, and you've deff given me the guts to show my outfits off more.

    You're an inspiration.


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  21. I am over weight my BMI was 32 and I felt not healthy, and I lost 18 pounds and now my BMI is 29. I think It is important to keep u healthy and also fashionable

  22. I don't think your health or weight is anyone else's business, as you've said. If they don't like what they find here, they can go elsewhere!

    I would say though, that I find your argument above to be flawed. You're saying it's idiotic to live your life afraid of 'what ifs' an speculative risks, but then you're speculating about potential mental health risks.

    Is 'If I eat an egg, I may get salmonella' any different to 'If I worry about my weight, I may get depressed'?

    Not questioning your lifestyle, just your logic here :) x

  23. you are just as beautiful as your soul. There is nothing more to be proud of :)

  24. I agree that it's nobody's business to tell others what to do or to comment on their personal habits, but there are some problems with the argument you posted. The main problem is that you could change "eating" with "doing cocaine" and it still would make as much sense. Yes, doing cocaine is your choice and mostly harms only you, but it's still a shit choice. Yes, some people will die by getting hit by a bus tomorrow and you could live to 98y.o. when you do cocaine, but it's still a shit choice. Yes, some people value doing cocaine more than their physical health, because they believe that it helps them feel good mentally and that that's more important to them, but it's still a shit choice. So, the problem with your argument is that it's bad. It's flawed, irrational, self-contradictory, etc. The only "right" answer to "you should lose weight" is "I know and I am trying". It seems that you know that you should lose weight, but you decide not to, and the reasons why don't make sense. Of course, it's up to you, but at least be upfront and say that you're not doing it because you're lazy or because you value eating too much to change (which is an eating disorder btw..) or because you haven't given it serious thought because you think morbidly obese people can be just as healthy as normal people or because you enjoy being fat, whatever your real reasons are (those are just examples of legitimate reasons). Consulting a nutritionist/doctor might make you reconsider and help you take small steps in the right direction.


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