Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dress - ASOS Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins Tights - Ebay Shoes - Evans Bow - New Look

Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted. I guess I haven't had anything important to say or anything interesting to show you guys. Anyway, I just wanted to share the outfit I wore today. I got this dress from the ASOS sale, I think it was only about £7, which is a bargain! It's a really cute cut & it fits me perfectly. I wish it had come in other colours though, as much as I love orange/coral, I do have rather a lot of that colourway now, a deep plum or maybe even a navy or mint would have been a lovely option as well.

I also tried my hair up today, in a sort of messy side plait. It was french plaited all through the back as well, but I didn't get a pic. You may have noticed my dog Tallie in the picture above, she snuck into my photoshoot & when I was halfway through she was sick, so I had to stop & tend to her. Thus no detail shots today! She is okay though, she is sick quite often, she is always eating things she shouldn't!

I love the sleeves on this dress, they are so cute! And I also like dresses with sleeves because I can wear them without a cardigan :) I also got a few other dresses from the ASOS sale, including the paint splash one, which is also divine! I love ASOS Curve so freaking much, it has been the most satisfactory shop for me to buy from this year. They just added a couple of dresses I love, including a premium one that is perfection!

I also got a pinky bunny jumper today, from Next. It was from their main range, which goes up to a 22, but the jumper fits me fine & is ultra cute. I love animal printed things! But not actual animal print, like leopard skin. Confusing:P Anyway, I will try & post more regularly in future, even if I don't have photos to post!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dress - Next, via Ebay Cardigan - Evans Pumps - Evans Tights - Ebay Bow - ASOS Necklace - Next Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins

Here's another OOTD for you all. Still very pastelly, lol! I am actually wearing all new purchases. I got the dress from Ebay for a mere £15, with the tags still on. The cardigan is from Evans, and is actually a waterfall cardigan, which I swore I'd never buy, but you can tie it up like this for a cute bolero look, or leave it down.

I actually got the necklace today, we went shopping at Next, and I finally bought it! I'd been eyeing it up for a while, but my Mum told me it was ugly so I got put off. Turns out luck was on my side with waiting, I got it for £5, reduced from £12, even though it wasn't marked on sale!? My mum told me she didn't like it again, but then a lady in the queue turned around and said it was pretty, and went well with my cardigan! Then the cashier said that it was gorgeous, so hehe!

The pumps are also new- look how cute! Also from Evans. I love the little gold stud detail. I didn't have any pumps in a pastel colour, and I've been wearing a lot of them recently, so I thought I should invest in some pumps that went!

In other news...I shall be having another giveaway soon! I shall have it when I reach 300 followers, so get following! :P And because I don't say it enough, thanks to my readers, commenters, & supporters! I really appreciate you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clothes Sale

For those of you who may have noticed my blog sale the other day, I now have the rest of the items I didn't sell, on Ebay, with bids starting from 99p on some items! Here's a chance to get them for an even lower price :) Bid here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

To Keep or Not to Keep?

On Tuesday I told you about the pieces I got from ASOS, but wasn't sure about them. I've finally taken pictures so you can help me decide. Please excuse the messy room/background, I only wanted to take some quick snaps to show you what they look like on.

So what do you think I should do? Keep both of them? Send one back? Send them both back? I am still really undecided as to whether or not they look, at the moment I am leaning towards keeping the shorts & sending back the bed jacket. Right decision?


Skirt Ruffle Bag Shoes Headband Bow Bag

I love velvet! But apparently no other shop I shop at, with the exception of New Look does. I noticed all these lovely velvety things last night, & made my mind up to do a post on it today. When I had a quick search around all the shops I normally shop at, there were few, if any results, and definately nothing to my taste. How disappointing:(

I've bought the pink velvet bow bag, although I was unsure whether to get the ruffle one or that one, if the ruffle one had had a bow on it, I would have got that one. I also got the black hairband, which I have been coveting for a while.. I would have got the skirt, but it's unfortunately only in their main range sizing, but that does mean you lovely smaller fatshionistas can snap one up! New Look's main range goes up to a size 18, & as the skirt is stretchy it will probably go a few sizes higher. The shoes, alas, are way to high for me to walk in. If they had made them in a mid heel or pump format, I would have grabbed them instantly! As it was, I bought a chalky white pair of pumps with a chiffon bow to go along with my velvety goodies.

I am really longing for a velvet (not crushed-I hate crushed velvet) skater dress to become available in my size somewhere. I always associate velvet with winterwear, & how cute would a velvet dress, tights, & some pretty pumps look? I may be out of sync with the velvet fashion trend, but shops, please stock up on velvet goodies just for me?

Also, I will hopefully have a post up later today showing you 2 of my recent purchases, the ASOS bed jacket & floral culottes. I am still unsure about them , so you can help me decide!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here's some things I am currently loving. I must admit, I've already bought the mint dress, and just placed an order for the skater dress & studded pumps! The kitty jumper is something I am not sure I could pull off, but I still think it is adorable! The ring I also love, & want, but theres no point just placing an order for 1 rings & then paying shipping that nearly is as much as the ring. I'll have to wait until I see more things I like, hehe:P
What are you loving? Bought anything nice recently?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dress - ASOS Socks - Sock Dreams Cardigan - New Look Shoes - Evans

Now I know not everyone will like this look, in fact I'm not sure if I do, it reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, I was wearing my new socks & dress, which arrived today. I got the socks from Sock Dreams, I also got a plain black pair, which go over the knee.

Both pairs fit me, yippee! I was a bit worried they wouldn't, esp for these, as although the info said the body of the sock stretched over 20 inches, they said the cuff only went to 20, & thus I might have problems pulling them over my calves to the knee. But they did go on, and stretched around my 24 inch calves easily. There wasn't much for stretch, but they did loosen after I had worn them a while! The black pair I also tried on & those really were super stretchy & had loads of room for my legs. They also go up over my knee, although I don't know how well they will stay up as I haven't worn them out yet.

The dress I got from ASOS, it is this one. The fit on this is a bit weird, it's rather roomy around the underbust & therefore kind of hangs from my chest in not the most flattering way. A belt would help, I think. But it is very cute & I love the colour, plus it's on sale! I also bought the floral culottes & the premium bed jacket, but the jury is out on those, I can't tell if I like them. I might post photos for you & get you to help me out, I think I can "make them work", I'm just worried they might be a lot of work & I'll never bother.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Here's another OOTD from me! Hope you aren't getting sick of all these creamy shades, even if my outfit today does have a touch of pink. This dress is from ASOS, although it appears to have vanished from their site. I really love it, the embroidery is beautiful!

Detail shot - do you like my new bracelet? I got it in the Dorothy Perkins sale, for about £2! Also got the cardi in the sale, for around £15! I love getting great deals. :) And although it wasn't on sale, the hair clip is also from Dorothy Perkins. You can't really see it in these pics, but it is a butterfly, beaded with pearls & seed beads.

Dress - ASOS Cardigan, Hair Clip, Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins Tights - Ebay Shoe Boots - Clarks

Apparently I've created a monster, on Formspring. My inbox has been inundated with questions/comments, mainly telling me fat=bad, thin=good. Trying to respond with a calm & clear head, but it is hard!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I just wanted to repost this question & answer from my formspring, because I think some of you may be interested in my answer.
Don't you think you should do something about your weight? I mean, obviously, it's not healthy. I'm not hating on you or anything, don't get me wrong, it's just... you're putting your health at a lot of risk.
Weight in itself is not actually putting me anymore at risk than someone who smokes, someone who drives a car, or even someone who is just simply alive. There will always be "risks" to our health in every aspect of daily living. Someone who boils a kettle is at risk of scalding themselves, someone who walks around is at risk of tripping over and breaking their knee. Yes, being overweight can lead to health problems, but for a lot of people it doesn't. Same as not everyone who drives a car gets injured in a crash. I am not even going to try and argue that I am even remotely healthy in my actions, yes I eat a lot of crap & I don't do any exercise. I am a "bad fat". But what about someone with a healthy bmi who eats junk & doesn't exercise? Are they more healthy than the fat person? But I do believe there is more than the physical aspect of health, there is also mental health too, which in many respects is far more important than physical health. Dieting can often put someone's mental health at risk, but society views this as okay, because obviously we all "need" to have a perfect bmi, or we are going to die of a heart attack at age 35. Societal pressure to be thin can wreak havoc with a persons mental health. Look at the rising numbers of Anorexia & Bulimia just for one example. Depression is also often a contributing factor to other end of spectrum disorders, such as Compulsive Overeating Disorder, and Binge Eating Disorder. Looking after my mind is far more important to me than worrying about any possible illnesses I may get due to being overweight. If I walk down the stairs, I may fall down them, if I go on a train, I may die if it crashes, If I eat an egg, I may get salmonella. I can't live my life worrying about what "may" happen, that's not much of a life at all

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Dress - ASOS Shrug - Simply Be Clogs - Topshop Tights & Headband - Ebay Clutch - Pwllheli Gift Shop Necklace & Watch - Ricky Gift Shop Belt & Ring- Evans Plaited Silver Bracelet - Bridesmaid Gift

Sorry I haven't posted for a while! Anyway, here's another OOTD, with one of my new dresses from ASOS. I kept to the neautrally colour pallete with this outfit too, with creamy colours. I wore this out for a family lunch at a local pub.

I've actually never worn this shrug before, I got it early last year for a fiver in the Simply Be sale, but it it a bit loose & shapeless compared to how I normally like my clothes to be. But I think I finally made it work? I felt nice anyway!
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