Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just a quick OOTD. Now you can see my skirt properly. :) I also wore my new red sandal clogs, how cute are they? I seem to be falling for the clog trend, even if these aren't really the high fashion ones. I did buy a mid heel pair that look more like the ones on the runway, from Topshop. I don't think I could ever walk in the 4/5 inch ones, the others I got are a sensible 3.5 inch, which admittedly doesn't sound sensible, but when you consider it has a 1 inch wedge at the front, they aren't so bad.

Skirt - DIY Bolero - Evans Cami - Evans Clogs - Bjorn Clogs Tights - Ebay Flower - Evans
Nails - China Glaze Refresh Mint, with a layer of Rainbow for shimmer.


  1. The skirt is adorable, by sister ripped hers so I might make the fabric into hairbows :3

  2. Hi loving your seamstress skills! I think making stuff is a great skill to have! I'm not so good with the sewing machine. I have just started a blog so can now post comments, yay! OK far too many exclamation marks there. I have been following your blog for a while (I'm the Clothes for Curves facebook lady!) anyhow I think your posts are always such great quality! Keep up the good work!

  3. I really like the skirt!! CUTE!

  4. Those shoes are too cute! I love them! Love your polish, too!

  5. i love your whole outfit! and that nail polish is a great color.

  6. I love the skirt! The nail polish is to die for, and you look cute! :D


  7. i really like that nail polish, its definately a key colour for summer!
    and those shoes are adorableeee

    ~ jen

  8. I LOVE the skirt! So cute. The color of your nails is lovely too. And the shoes. And cardigan. Okay okay, I love everything! xo


  9. love the skirt and the nail colour, very pretty!

  10. Doh! posted a link to not my blog at all!
    this is my blog!

  11. I really like the nail colour - I usually stick to really dark coloured nails but maybe I'll choose a lighter colour next time I'm out shopping for nail polish^^

    Very cute outfit! I really love that bunny skirt:)

  12. ouch.love the clog.and ur skirt so cute and u nail color too.like all.
    btw,cute style :)

    D'station ^(^

  13. love the skirt, and the clogs! so cute.


  14. I am in LOVE with those clogs!


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