Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a quick pick of my newly painted nails - aren't they fun? I do love polka dots. For the base I used a Nails Inc freebie polish that I got from a copy of InStyle magazine. Apparently there are loads of great freebies out this month too- Stephanie from Buttons, Bows & Brogues has more details here. I'm going to keep a lookout for a copy of Glamour!

In other news, a couple of my fellow bloggers, Katrin from Reizende Rungunden, Devon from Fat Nurse, & Beth from Pretty in Plus have found their photos posted on a facebook fat hatred group. This is very upsetting to hear, and although all 3 have valiantly dealt with it, I know I would be so upset if I found my pictures had been used for people to hate on. The group can be found here, I've reported it, & it would be great if you could too. Maybe if facebook get enough complaints they might actually start to do something about the fat hatred groups it hosts. I just did a quick facebook search on the word "fat", & many more similar groups popped up, which is disheartening to say the least.

Slightly better news- Evans have just launched a huge sale, with many items up to 50% off. I've had a quick browse myself, & there are definately a lot of things on sale. So if you have been putting off a purchase because the original price seemed to high, you should definately check & see if it is in the sale. They are currently offline though - perfoming an upgrade apparently, probably due to the high traffic that their sale has brought them. But I am definately going to check back later tonight, as the site went down halfway through my browsing. :(

Oh oh, also, I almost forgot- I've put a link to my Formspring in the sidebar, so if any have any questions you want to ask me, please do! :)


  1. I looked at that group and it is SO silly. I can't believe people actually take time out of their day to stalk plus size girls who happen to wear leggings..I mean, come on, get a job or some kind of life! It's obvious all are insecure in some way (I looked at a few profiles of the people leaving comments and they aren't exactly model material even though they may weigh less than bigger girls) They must live very sad lives! xo

  2. Wow - your nails are amazing! I also loved your strawberry nails. I pay nail technicians big money to do manicures like that. I wish I had your mad skills.

    In regard to fat hating groups. They are pathetic people.

    I reminds me of a history class once, we were studying the black civil right's movement as as New Zealand kids it was a little hard for us to understand.

    Someone asked the teacher why some white people hated african american's so much. She told them it's because they feel like they have nothing good in their life and feel that being white is the one thing that makes them "superior" to other people.

    I feel these fat "hate" groups are the same - it's like they only thing they have going is that they are thin? If that's the way you see the world than you truely a pathetic human being.

  3. I've been reporting the wazoo out of that stupid group. And asked everyone I know to do the same. UGH, some people are douchebags aren't they?

    The nails are adorable by the way.

  4. i looove polk dots!!!! i love your nails. i am not sure why some people are so full of hate. i have seen all 3 of those girls blogs and they are beautiful. those people should be ashamed of themselves. i am glad you reported them!!!

  5. Your manicure is so cute! I have also that nailpolish and I found it horrible to remove. It's the first time a polish stains my nails so much (even with a base coat).

  6. Thanks everyone, esp to those who reported the group.

    Blog to be Alive - This was my first time with it on, I just took it off & it is horrible to remove, although I think that is mainly because it was red. I didn't find that it stained my nails though, & I only used a cheap color workshop basecoat.

  7. Aww Georgina, I was just catching up on your blog and I'd missed this post originally, but thankyou so much for the solidarity <3


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