Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Littlewoods A/W Preview

Still snuggled up in bed, but thought I'd let you know about the Littlewoods preview site, which has their A/W collections up for sale before they go on the main website. I got sent the email yesterday, & browsed today.
For those of you that don't know, Littlewoods is an online seller, although they also send out catalogues & you can buy that way too. They mainly sell straight sizes, & often have celebrity lines by people like Fearne Cotton, but their own range (South) goes up to a size 28. They also have a specific plus size range, called So Fabulous, but I tend to find the fashion in that collection a bit overpriced & aiming for trendy pieces, but missing the mark.
Only trouble with South is, that they tend to only go up to 28 on some things, & mainly up to a 24 on their most fashionable pieces. But, there is hope, I've managed to buy stuff from them before, my heart print skirt I wore in Wales is a size 24, by South. Plus, they have free delivery & you can buy now, pay later, so if you don't like the item irl, or it doesnt fit, you can just send it back @ no cost.

Anyway, I bought 4 items (pictured above), they all only went up to a 24, but I have my fingers crossed. And if they don't fit I can just send them back. Because they are preview items, they won't ship out til July/August, so waiting will be agonizing! :P
Oh & also, they have 15% off all items bought from their preview site, in case you needed an incentive to buy now rather than later. Happy shopping.


  1. je suis fan de la jupe a pois et de la veste blanche et noir,superbe !

  2. I love looking through the Littlewoods website, the South range usually has some cute pieces! These being no exception. I'm so in love with that heart print mesh top, I'd love to hear how it fits. I hope you're feeling better btw! :)

  3. I can't find that skirt on the site. I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it, dammit! :)

  4. Danielle - The skirt can be found here: http://preview.littlewoods.com/ponteroma-skater-skirt/738390759.prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f1738%2c4294958773&trail=1589-1738-4294958773&prdToken=/p/prod3550494-sku4968317

    You probably missed it because the default pic of it is shown in the plain black colourway.

  5. I like Littlewoods but I hate that A. their pricing is way too high for the quality of the clothing (though I think you guys in the UK pay much less than us) B. the sizing is so weird. But they do have cute things sometimes, I like the heart print mesh top! xo


  6. georgina: I found it about 3 secs after I posted. Thanks for the link though :)


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