Thursday, June 24, 2010


Cardigan, Belt & Flower - Evans Clogs - Topshop Dress - ASOS Tights - Ebay

I've been waiting all spring to finally put an outfit together in this colourway. There hasn't been much choice in any of the plus size shops, but I finally made it work. My Mum hates these colours, everytime I go shopping with her in straight sized shops, I'm forever pointing out lovely pieces that don't come in my size. On our last trip together, I saw the most gorgeous cropped cardigan, which had flowers, pearls & lace on it. It sounds over the top, but it wasn't, just very girly. I so wanted it, but it only came in a small, medium or large. I've actually bought some haberdashery supplies so I can recreate it at some point.

Also, these are the other clogs I was telling you about. A bit more trendy than my others, but I love them both equally. I suppose I am turning into a bit of a trend junkie, but I don't just like things because they are on trend, I just happen to like the new trends of "nude" & clogs. Jeggings on the other thanks. Or gladiator sandals.

Anyway.. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've joined lookbook (link in sidebar). I guess I'm catching up on all my technology, first facebook, then formspring, now lookbook. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of twitter though, lol. I do have one, but I don't really get it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just a quick OOTD. Now you can see my skirt properly. :) I also wore my new red sandal clogs, how cute are they? I seem to be falling for the clog trend, even if these aren't really the high fashion ones. I did buy a mid heel pair that look more like the ones on the runway, from Topshop. I don't think I could ever walk in the 4/5 inch ones, the others I got are a sensible 3.5 inch, which admittedly doesn't sound sensible, but when you consider it has a 1 inch wedge at the front, they aren't so bad.

Skirt - DIY Bolero - Evans Cami - Evans Clogs - Bjorn Clogs Tights - Ebay Flower - Evans
Nails - China Glaze Refresh Mint, with a layer of Rainbow for shimmer.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Skirt Preview

Just a little sneak peek of my new skirt! I hope to show you an OOTD with it soon, but for now all I have is a little glimpse. I reworked the dresses I told you about yesterday. I wasn't sure if it would work, esp being made of a chiffon type fabric, but it actually turned out well! How cute are the little bunnies? I also made a satin sash to go with it, but it's not attached so it can be worn alone. Anyway, I am super pleased with it, even if it was a little pricey to buy 2 of the dresses just for me to cut up. It cost £15 for each dress, so essentially I paid £30 just for the material, but it is so pretty! & I also have scraps from the bodice(s) left over, so I am hoping to make a few cute bow accessories with them. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dress - New Look Bolero - New Look Belt - DIY-ed Shoes - Miss L Fire @ ASOS Necklace - Primark Watch - Gifted Butterfly Clips - Pwllheli Market

I know you aren't really supposed to mix red & pink, but I've seen some great red & pink mixes over the years, but haven't ever tried it myself. So today I gave it a go. It was boiling today, so I went barelegged for the first time..since I was in school, 4 years ago. I wore a pair of cycle shorts underneath, because obvs heat & fat legs=agony! I did actually feel very self concious the whole time, so not sure if I will be doing it regularly. One (old) man actually turned in my direction just to stare at my legs, which I found disconcerting to say the least, lol. At least I was (fairly) cool.

While I was out, I also managed to find Glamour, & picked up all 3 of the freebies. I was originally just going to get the eyeliner & eyebrightener, because I've never used concealer, but my Mum said if it were her, she would get all 3. So I did. :) I'm going to give each of my spare copies to my Mum & Sister, so not completely wasted, even if we do all live in the same house & we share magazines anyway:P

I also saw the cutest dresses in TKMaxx, with bunny print on but obviously none came in my size:( BUT, I bought 2, and am hoping to at least be able to sew them together into a skirt, because the print really was too cute to pass on. They had dresses with fifi lapin on, with a purpley background, and white bunnies with red bows on a white background, & I was really torn between them. In the end I went for the white bunnies on white, because I think that will work with more of my things. It's not going to be the easiest DIY, because the fabric is chiffon, and it is also lines, but I will make it work.

Georgina x

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a quick pick of my newly painted nails - aren't they fun? I do love polka dots. For the base I used a Nails Inc freebie polish that I got from a copy of InStyle magazine. Apparently there are loads of great freebies out this month too- Stephanie from Buttons, Bows & Brogues has more details here. I'm going to keep a lookout for a copy of Glamour!

In other news, a couple of my fellow bloggers, Katrin from Reizende Rungunden, Devon from Fat Nurse, & Beth from Pretty in Plus have found their photos posted on a facebook fat hatred group. This is very upsetting to hear, and although all 3 have valiantly dealt with it, I know I would be so upset if I found my pictures had been used for people to hate on. The group can be found here, I've reported it, & it would be great if you could too. Maybe if facebook get enough complaints they might actually start to do something about the fat hatred groups it hosts. I just did a quick facebook search on the word "fat", & many more similar groups popped up, which is disheartening to say the least.

Slightly better news- Evans have just launched a huge sale, with many items up to 50% off. I've had a quick browse myself, & there are definately a lot of things on sale. So if you have been putting off a purchase because the original price seemed to high, you should definately check & see if it is in the sale. They are currently offline though - perfoming an upgrade apparently, probably due to the high traffic that their sale has brought them. But I am definately going to check back later tonight, as the site went down halfway through my browsing. :(

Oh oh, also, I almost forgot- I've put a link to my Formspring in the sidebar, so if any have any questions you want to ask me, please do! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cupcake's Clothes on Facebook

Just a quick update to tell you Cupcake's Clothes now has it's own facebook page. The link is over to your right, in the sidebar. :) I hope to be able to keep all of my followers up to date with new blog posts, as well as discount codes for your fav fatshion retailers. I just posted a 20% discount code for Evans - so do go & check out the page!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Dress - Ruby Belle @ Evans Shoes - Barratts Bolero - Evans Tights - Ebay Bracelet - New Look Ring - Evans Flower - From a plant on the balcony :)

Hi everyone! I feel much better now, thanks for all your lovely comments. I thought I'd show you all my new dress I got. It's from the Ruby Belle collection at Evans, which has nearly all sold out now. I originally wanted the red spotty floral one, but as the collection went live when I was in Wales & a lot had sold out by the time I got back, I didn't manage to catch one :( But when I saw a few days ago that this one was still in stock, I actually realised I really like it, & it's actually more unusual than the floral one, so I quickly bought one.

The colours are delicious, so fresh & summery. I added pink accessories with it today, to draw out the pink in some of the flamingoes. It also has pink straps, but you can't see those. The price was at the higer end of what I would pay for a day dress, but the unusual print & the quality make it a worthwhile purchase.

Showing off my new ring, and my nails!

Anyway, that's enough from me,

Georgina x

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pearls, Lace & Ruffles Giveaway

Just a quick post to let you all know of the giveaway currently going on over @ Pearls, Lace & Ruffles. This is officially my newest favourite fashion blog, the photos are amazing & the clothes she (sorry, I don't know your name) wears are to die for! You are my inspiration, I hope to one day be able to put together an outfit that looks as lovely & effortless as one of yours! Anyway, the giveaway is on until Saturday, & up for grabs is lots of lovely jewellery & a pretty dress, so do check out Pearls, Lace & Ruffles. (Even the name makes me happy :P)
Oh oh &, also wanted to apologize for those horrid bandwidth exceeded things, in case you had noticed. I will at some point upload them to my pro photobucket account & repost them, but I have a serious case of "I can't be bothered" going on atm! :P
Georgina xx

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Littlewoods A/W Preview

Still snuggled up in bed, but thought I'd let you know about the Littlewoods preview site, which has their A/W collections up for sale before they go on the main website. I got sent the email yesterday, & browsed today.
For those of you that don't know, Littlewoods is an online seller, although they also send out catalogues & you can buy that way too. They mainly sell straight sizes, & often have celebrity lines by people like Fearne Cotton, but their own range (South) goes up to a size 28. They also have a specific plus size range, called So Fabulous, but I tend to find the fashion in that collection a bit overpriced & aiming for trendy pieces, but missing the mark.
Only trouble with South is, that they tend to only go up to 28 on some things, & mainly up to a 24 on their most fashionable pieces. But, there is hope, I've managed to buy stuff from them before, my heart print skirt I wore in Wales is a size 24, by South. Plus, they have free delivery & you can buy now, pay later, so if you don't like the item irl, or it doesnt fit, you can just send it back @ no cost.

Anyway, I bought 4 items (pictured above), they all only went up to a 24, but I have my fingers crossed. And if they don't fit I can just send them back. Because they are preview items, they won't ship out til July/August, so waiting will be agonizing! :P
Oh & also, they have 15% off all items bought from their preview site, in case you needed an incentive to buy now rather than later. Happy shopping.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Dress- ASOS Leggings & Top - Evans Sandals - Next Necklace - Primark Hair Clip - DIY

Sorry I haven't updated for ages! This is actually a photo from the other day (please excuse my dodgy facial expression, lol). Have spent the last 2 days in bed basically, I don't feel quite right & today isn't much better. :( But oh well! Life goes on. Looking back at this outfit I am not sure about the leggings with it. I think I am going to turn those cropped leggings into cycle shorts with a lace trim, then I can wear them under skirts & dresses, without ruining an outfit with leggings.

What about you, what have you been up to?

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