Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ruffle Dress - ASOS Bow Bag - Topshop Charm Bracelet - Evans Ruffle Top - New Look Maxi Dress - ASOS

Basically this is everything I would be buying if I didn't have to pay horrible things like bills! How snazzy is that one shoulder ruffle dress from ASOS? Logic tells me I have nowhere to wear such a pretty thing (and also the shape is all wrong for me, but my heart wants it anyway! The charm bracelet from Evans is adorable too, and actually quite a reasonable price (£8). What are your current fashion wants?


  1. omgosh i love all of these! especially that ruffle dress from asos and the bow bag! soooo perfect... i really want a cute light wash denim jacket right now (such a staple and i dont even have 1! lolz) and some loose relaxed floral shorts :) along with many other things lolz

    - Iza

  2. I have waaaaaaaaaay too many fashion wants :( I'm waiting for that ruffle dress to be available in that colour on Curve, not a fan of the peach one currently offered.
    Devon of xx

  3. I love ruffles! The ASOS dress is gorgeous but like you said I'd have nowhere to wear it. I used to buy those kind of clothes on impulse but now I am trying to be a bit more reasonable. lol

  4. The ruffle dress is great, but I will settle for the bracelet as it is the one least likely to emphasize my boobs. Oh I forget the bag

  5. The maxi dress from ASOS is a big fav. of mine! so pretty! you should soooo get it.


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