Monday, April 12, 2010

Thought I'd make a quick post to show off my outfit from today. Nothing special, just a navy dress from ASOS, leggings & my kitty shoes. Both of the doggies wanted to join in today, jumping up at me when my sister was taking photos, so they got to be included too! This is a photo from before their walk, we took them to Cassiobury Park, they splashed around in the river & got all filthy. Dirty dogs.

Dress - ASOS Shoes - TUKs Leggings - Simply Be Necklace - DIY Doggies - (lol)


  1. jolie tenue et TRES mignons chiens ;O)

  2. that dress looks so cute on u :) and so do ur dogs lolz and i love the necklace... wuts it made of?

    - Iza

  3. Nice color on the dress, looks great with the leggings and shoes :D cute dog too!

  4. I love the dress :) you look so pretty!!!

  5. Another adorable dress! I dig the necklace - can we have a pic of it up close?

    OH! And I am having a giveaway with on my blog - you should enter! :)

  6. That outfit is very cute on you ;o)
    And wow your dog i adorable.

  7. Love your necklace! (and the dog, well, is beyond cute!)

  8. I am obsessed with your blog and the confidence you exude!
    As a bigger girl myself, I wish I had found you much longer ago. It's nice to have people out there who love themselves for who they are and not just what they look like. This is something I've never been able to understand because I've always felt so alone being that bigger girl, and never thinking I was even allowed to wear color or things I like in fear of embarrassing myself.
    So thankful for this.


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