Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Other Dress

Hello again! I have another outfit post for you today, this is the second dress from my preview order from Simply Be. I wish I had a pair of cycle shorts or something to wear under dresses, it was really warm again today so I wanted less on my legs, but still need something to stop the dreaded "chub rub". So I wore my blue cropped leggings, which pick up on the blue ric rac detail from the dress, but I am not really sure about it looking back. Black probably would have worked better, but I don't have any short black ones :( Gonna have to buy a cheap pair of leggings & DIY myself some shorts. Shoes don't really work either, but slightly better than the trainers from yesterday?

We went through the woods today, rather than the moor, which was slightly cooler, and it had all the pretty bluebells in bloom. There were also all these pretty blossoms scattered along the ground. Button & Tallie had fun, with Tallie bouncing everywhere & Button plodding behind us. Dogs are harder to get photos of though, as they don't stay still, hehe!

Dress - Joe Browns Bolero - Evans Necklace & Hair Bow- Primark Shoes - New Look Leggings - Simply Be


  1. they do like cycling short in evans thats good for chub rub, on the website under the hoisery section - nude and black

  2. Love the dress! It is beautiful. And so is these pictures- gorgeous girl at a gorgeous location :)

    What I ended up doing after a big fail of looking for bike shorts was just buy yoga shorts, they were a little more than I wanted to spend ($10) but exactly what I was looking for and at a size 22-24 I squeeze into an XL comfortably still.

  3. This dress is really cute ,too. Great color for you and a cute pattern. H,, yes black would also look good under it...

    I hate chub rub.. >___< grrr, If there is a ranking with reasons for loosing weight chub rub is in 1 place!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tinkcupcake- I actually have a pair of them, but I fit the fit weird so I don't wear them. But Evans have just put some actually cycle shorts on their website, so I will probably invest in those!

  5. That dress looks so lovely on you! I was actually eyeing it (alongwith most of the Joe Browns collection) at Simply Be a while ago.

  6. Lovely outfit! I'm loving all the floral prints around at the moment. I love your shoes too! :)


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