Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Belt!

Just wanted to share my latest DIY project with you guys! I have seen these cute patent bow belts everywhere in the last 6 months, but not in one single plus size retailer. So what is a crafty girl to do when she is desperate for one, but they don't seem to exist in her size? Make one of course! So I did :)
Actually, I only got the idea for making one when I was DIYing a pair of patent boots which were too small around the calf. I cut the extra length off (they look better now btw, as well as fitting better), and saved all the scrap bits of leather. Then I thought to myself that they would be the perfect amount to make a patent bow. Actually, there were enough scraps left over to make several bows. So I made the bow, put it on the elastic, and wondered what I could use for a closure. I was originally going to use a hook & eye, but when I saw this curtain hook(?) in my Mum's sewing box, I thought it would be perfect. So now it just hooks on & off the loop of elastic, making a much less fiddly closure than a hook & eye set.

Here is a photo of the back, not very attractive, but that really doesn't matter when it is on! The bow hides the ugly plastic hook perfectly. So yay, a cute skinny bow belt, custom made to my size, and costing less than 50 pence to make. Brilliant!
Also wanted to share this cute necklace I got last week, my dear Mum surprised me with it after she came home from a shopping trip. How lovely is my mum? :P


  1. well done , what a fantastic idea ;-) I wish i was so creative

  2. Love the belt! And the idea of cutting up boots...I have some old boots that are far too tight on my calves now and maybe I'll put them to good use yet!

  3. very very cute and creative DIY... and what a lovely necklace! lucky girl, ur mom is so on point lolz

  4. I saw a belt like this in M&S but it was not going to fit! I may try this, it's too cute.

  5. This is so cute and such a great idea. Maybe I will try it, when I find a fabric that is thick enough for it.

    BTW my coral skirt arrived just a few minuts ago and its so great, I luuuve it!

  6. I will have to try that with the belt. the stretchy bow belts i have seen have been not quite what I want!

  7. Great DIY. Love the curtain hook. Ingenious.


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