Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day, I did! My Mum, her bf & my sis & me all went over to my Grandparents for a roast dinner (always a treat as no one bothers to make them very often). Got a Lindt bunny from my Grandparents, and a litter of lindt kittens from my Mum, along with an Smartie Egg egg. Hehe.

Whilst we were there my sister & I decided to make good use of their garden, and had a mini photoshoot session. I say mini, but we actually took over 500 photos! (not all of them good :P )

Dress - ASOS Boots - Dr Martens revamped Tights - Ebay, double layered Bolero - Evans Necklace - DIY

I took the opportunity to dress up a bit, and wore my new ASOS coral dress, the one I Illustrated last week. I also wore my Dr Martin "Darcie" boots, they are the ones I told you that I cut up. They were mid calf, but the tongue gaped horribly around my legs & I had never worn them, so I just cut the tops off and made them into ankle boots. Much better! Now I can actually wear them.

One of our dogs, Button, also wanted to join in on our photoshoot. Our other dog (Tallie) was too busy racing around with my Grandparent's dogs to take much interest! Anyway, isn't Button adorable? I think he matches my outfit perfectly:P Georgina xxx


  1. I love this asos dress on you! :D like the asos skirt! and this necklace is freakin cute! :)

    great outfit!

  2. lovely outfit the coral colour really suits you . x

  3. So jealous of those Lindt bunnies! I may have to go out tomorrow and see if I can find one. Love the dress with the docs.

  4. Great photos - I need to convince my husband to do a 500 picture photoshoot!

    - Sarah
    Return to Sender: A FAT Girl's Letters to the WOrld

  5. Such a cute outfit, and such a cuuuuuute pup!

  6. I like the way you paired the docs with this dress, a super great outfit!

  7. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate all of your comments!

  8. Sorry, I hope you dont mind me asking, but, where do you get your tights from?

    Im a Uk26/28 and I really struggle to find tights that fit me properly in the Uk, Evan's tights are useless......

    If you could help much appreciated!

    Cheers love!

  9. Naomi, these are a brand called BBW, I managed to find them on ebay by typing in 5x tights. I actually have on 2 pairs here, because I can't find any opaque ones in my size, just sheer, which really sucks


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