Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evans 20% Discount

Just to let you all know, Evans are having a 20% off sale until Tuesday. I thought this was a good chance to stock up on some basics, so I just bought some cycle shorts, a puff sleeve blouse to layer, one of those "body" things, which I thought would be good for layering under skirts, despite thinking wtf when I first saw them. I also got a cute coral (yes my favourite colour this year) plaited belt, so yay.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Other Dress

Hello again! I have another outfit post for you today, this is the second dress from my preview order from Simply Be. I wish I had a pair of cycle shorts or something to wear under dresses, it was really warm again today so I wanted less on my legs, but still need something to stop the dreaded "chub rub". So I wore my blue cropped leggings, which pick up on the blue ric rac detail from the dress, but I am not really sure about it looking back. Black probably would have worked better, but I don't have any short black ones :( Gonna have to buy a cheap pair of leggings & DIY myself some shorts. Shoes don't really work either, but slightly better than the trainers from yesterday?

We went through the woods today, rather than the moor, which was slightly cooler, and it had all the pretty bluebells in bloom. There were also all these pretty blossoms scattered along the ground. Button & Tallie had fun, with Tallie bouncing everywhere & Button plodding behind us. Dogs are harder to get photos of though, as they don't stay still, hehe!

Dress - Joe Browns Bolero - Evans Necklace & Hair Bow- Primark Shoes - New Look Leggings - Simply Be

Friday, April 23, 2010


Went out for a walk with my two lovely doggies today, they ran around and had lots of fun. We live right near a moor, so I took the opportunity to take my camera along & got my Mum to snap a few pics with a nice background for a change! I would have worn my new sandals (see a few posts back) with this outfit, they would have been perfect except for the fact I was on a walk & trainers are much more practical!

Tunic - Joe Browns Cardigan & bracelet - New Look Bow - Primark Leggings - Simply Be Shoes - Vans

I wore one of my new Joe Browns dresses, they arrived last week. One had to be sent back, the duck egg blue beach dress, as the fit was really poor, much too big around the back and hung down below my bra strap. The other 2 are really cute though, this being one of them. The fit for this one is a bit on the generous size, under the bust is rather large, but this may suit some with a bigger middle than me. I wore the cropped cardy to pull it closer to my body. The bust area is also very generous, but not loose on me. You could probably go down a size or 2 if you have an average or smaller than average chest. The pattern is really pretty, very summery. It is a very short dress though, so I wore it with leggings & a petticoat underneath for extra coverage. It's nice & light too, it's not lined, so it is slightly see through, but not noticeably.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forget everything I posted the other day, I need this, and this only. ASOS will you please stop trying to steal all of my money.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ruffle Dress - ASOS Bow Bag - Topshop Charm Bracelet - Evans Ruffle Top - New Look Maxi Dress - ASOS

Basically this is everything I would be buying if I didn't have to pay horrible things like bills! How snazzy is that one shoulder ruffle dress from ASOS? Logic tells me I have nowhere to wear such a pretty thing (and also the shape is all wrong for me, but my heart wants it anyway! The charm bracelet from Evans is adorable too, and actually quite a reasonable price (£8). What are your current fashion wants?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thought I'd make a quick post to show off my outfit from today. Nothing special, just a navy dress from ASOS, leggings & my kitty shoes. Both of the doggies wanted to join in today, jumping up at me when my sister was taking photos, so they got to be included too! This is a photo from before their walk, we took them to Cassiobury Park, they splashed around in the river & got all filthy. Dirty dogs.

Dress - ASOS Shoes - TUKs Leggings - Simply Be Necklace - DIY Doggies - (lol)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Since you all got to see my dog Button the other day, my other dog said she wanted to make a guest appearance, hehe! This is Tallie, we often just call her "Tails". Isn't she also adorable? Hope you are all well, I got my sandals today, and hopefully will have some more outfit posts for you soon, featuring my new dresses & sandals! Everything is lovely, I am so glad ASOS brought out the Curve line!
Thanks also to all my new followers, I have decided to have another giveaway when I reach 100 followers, so look out for that!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Shoes!

How adorable are my new sandals? I just ordered them from ASOS, which also has a mid season sale on atm, some of the Curve pieces are on sale. These weren't on sale, but I just had to get them, pink, florals, bows, all on a heeled sandal that is not too high to walk in? PERFECT! Of course I'm impatient and got next day delivery. I also ordered a few other bits, a couple of Curve dresses, and some cute strawberry stud earrings. Yay! I also used the code PREMIER to get 10% off, it also works on sale items!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely day, I did! My Mum, her bf & my sis & me all went over to my Grandparents for a roast dinner (always a treat as no one bothers to make them very often). Got a Lindt bunny from my Grandparents, and a litter of lindt kittens from my Mum, along with an Smartie Egg egg. Hehe.

Whilst we were there my sister & I decided to make good use of their garden, and had a mini photoshoot session. I say mini, but we actually took over 500 photos! (not all of them good :P )

Dress - ASOS Boots - Dr Martens revamped Tights - Ebay, double layered Bolero - Evans Necklace - DIY

I took the opportunity to dress up a bit, and wore my new ASOS coral dress, the one I Illustrated last week. I also wore my Dr Martin "Darcie" boots, they are the ones I told you that I cut up. They were mid calf, but the tongue gaped horribly around my legs & I had never worn them, so I just cut the tops off and made them into ankle boots. Much better! Now I can actually wear them.

One of our dogs, Button, also wanted to join in on our photoshoot. Our other dog (Tallie) was too busy racing around with my Grandparent's dogs to take much interest! Anyway, isn't Button adorable? I think he matches my outfit perfectly:P Georgina xxx

Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Belt!

Just wanted to share my latest DIY project with you guys! I have seen these cute patent bow belts everywhere in the last 6 months, but not in one single plus size retailer. So what is a crafty girl to do when she is desperate for one, but they don't seem to exist in her size? Make one of course! So I did :)
Actually, I only got the idea for making one when I was DIYing a pair of patent boots which were too small around the calf. I cut the extra length off (they look better now btw, as well as fitting better), and saved all the scrap bits of leather. Then I thought to myself that they would be the perfect amount to make a patent bow. Actually, there were enough scraps left over to make several bows. So I made the bow, put it on the elastic, and wondered what I could use for a closure. I was originally going to use a hook & eye, but when I saw this curtain hook(?) in my Mum's sewing box, I thought it would be perfect. So now it just hooks on & off the loop of elastic, making a much less fiddly closure than a hook & eye set.

Here is a photo of the back, not very attractive, but that really doesn't matter when it is on! The bow hides the ugly plastic hook perfectly. So yay, a cute skinny bow belt, custom made to my size, and costing less than 50 pence to make. Brilliant!
Also wanted to share this cute necklace I got last week, my dear Mum surprised me with it after she came home from a shopping trip. How lovely is my mum? :P
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