Friday, March 19, 2010


Well actually this is an outfit from another day, but oh well! I wore this to go trekking round the supermarket, it was lovely & comfy, but I still felt smart. This dress is actually a new purchase from New Look (yes I know I said I was going to try to avoid the place, but shh!). I couldn't resist this cute floral dress at £22, and I am glad I didn't, because 2 days after coming online it was sold out in the size 24 & 26. You have to grab stuff fast on New Look.

It is pretty in real life, & perfect for Spring/Summer. And for £22 you can't go wrong. The skirt is even lined, and it has sweet sequin embellishments embroidered on. You can't really see them in photos, but they are visible in person. This dress does make me look rather hippy (not hippy as in the 60s flower power etc, but hip hippy), but I do have big hips, so it is not the dress's fault. Not that there is even anything wrong with big hips!

Oh oh, and the dress even has pockets! SO useful- I didn't need to take a bag with me for a change, just kept my purse in a pocket.


  1. Adorable! That dress looks so much nicer on you than it did on the website! I'm such a sucker for pockets too.

  2. I think this dress is adorable and hugs your hips just right.

  3. Its looks lush , i cannot wait for the summer to arrive as its way to cold in wales for dresses at the moment xxx

  4. I love this dress too! It looks lovely on you. You have a really nice body shape, I would kill for your hips!

  5. Lovely. And Pockets are the super extra thing that make you buy every dress!!

  6. how freakin aborable you are!!! im soooo glad i found ure blog! im having blog luck today! ure seriously cute and u totally remind me of a cupcake ... just cute to pieces! ;-) cant wait to catch up on ure postings!

    love and blessings,

  7. grrr, totally need the skirt and the sandals! :D and you look adorable, awesome combination!

    lodi, fat and foxy

  8. Thank you, it looks amazing on you too! Although I'm jealous you actually own it and can accessorize it in such a cute way!

  9. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all your comments!

  10. Hey!

    Ive just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I also bought this dress after finally finding a 26 lurking on the back of a rail in my local New Look and I love it....only problem is, one of the little plastic rings on the bit that holds the strap to the dress has broken :(

    So sad....need to find something practical to replace it with!

    Great look!


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