Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOTD Illustrations

I've always loved illustrations of outfits, ever since I saw this flickr pool with other people's drawings. I tried to start a book of OOTDs, but the 3 illustrations above are as far as I got before I forgot all about it. I've also tried to do digital illustrations, like this one, but have never taken it further. Recently I've been really inspired by Melody Moore's drawings (if you remember she even drew an illustration of me here). So I decided to try my hand at a proper digital illustration of yesterday's outfit. Not perfect, but it turned out okay.

I don't know, what do you think? Are OOTD illustrations interesting? Should I do more?


  1. Love love love love love them, the digital one is exceptionally cute! <3

  2. i LOVE OOTD illustarations and ures is so inspiring! ure so talented girl! keep doin it please! xoxo!

  3. how does that work?! i totally have no clue :) looks incredibly good!

  4. I totaly love them and trying out something like this too, cause I need to train my illustrator / photoshop skills ^^

  5. That's very cute. Keep doing them.

  6. That's really nice!:) continue!:)


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