Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New in @ ASOS

Over the past few days ASOS has been adding quite a few new things to their Curve collection. This lace up mac and coral dress have caught my eye! They also come in other colours, which is always nice to see. Also new in are various t-shirts, a nautical inspired cardigan, a few more dresses, mesh leggings, and it seems ASOS are even branching into plus size swimwear!

Hopefully we will continue to see more & more great items, which will be bad for my bank balance, but great news for fatshion as a whole. It's nice to have somewhere else to shop too, I have been keeping my eye on Evans, but nothing has come up recently that I really MUST buy, despite some of their promising previews. I am really despairing at all those new skirts they keep adding- at almost floor length, they aren't exactly for the fashion hungry. Really want to see some cute, SHORT, skirts! I did manage to snag a pair of oxford heels in their sale, & got an additional 20% off too! They cost me a mere £12, despite being made of real leather!

I was super busy yesterday altering all my clothes that didn't fit right. Although actually the aim was for all, but I only managed to alter 3 pieces! Still have a couple more to go (including that ASOS tshirt dress- arrgh I should get on with that!) I managed to alter a pair of bootcut black cords into skinnies, sewed together a top which gaped at the bust, and turned a really ill fitting sweater into a much nicer zip up jacket. Photos to come soon- I only managed to take super bad ones yesterday! I also have some new purchases to show off, so do check back for a more picture happy update.


  1. i love the colour of that coat :)

  2. Thougth the same about the skirts at evans. I took a look at the page because of the sale and was like: omg! They can'r be seriouse about the skirts. I means even if someone isn't so much in fashion and don't like to show her legs so much, A leggings with a knee long pencil skirt, or a maxi dress with a nice pattern would be 100% better than these ugly things. The pattern and colors sucks and I don't really want to know how I would look in something like this...
    I also thougth that I never seen any of the lookbook model shots with one of the skirts....


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