Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dress - ASOS Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins Shoes - New Look Bag - ASOS

Did another illustration! (Sorry if you don't like them). This one isn't an outfit of the day, although I do own the dress and the shoes. I also have my eye on that cardigan, it's so cute & I don't have a polka dot cardigan! It's really fun drawing real life garments, as opposed to made up things like I normally do. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!


  1. Sooooo: what program do you use, darling? They are soooo extremly sweet. Are you working freehand? Or with pictures? Graphik Tablet oder just the mouse? My illustration never look so full of live...I really love the colors and the shaded, and the details ... make me feel pretty worse in working with illustrator -.-

  2. Those are sooooo sooo good! Please don't stop making these! If I had zine about fatshion I'd totally hire you! Would love to see those printed somewhere!

  3. I love your illustrations, please dont stop

  4. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your comments!

    @ Katrin - I use Photoshop to make them, I use the pen tool. unfrtunately I don't have illustrator, but ages ago I d/led a free trial, and I was useless on it! These were done freehand, with the exception of the bag, which is pretty much a tracing. The OOTD one I posted the other day had some freehand elements, but the main body ofit was traced. I use my mouse, I do have a tablet, but it doesn't work properly anymore:( . I only ever liked to use it for sketching anyway.

  5. Your illustrations are so cool :) Love the outfit! x

  6. Hi there doll - I love your blog and these illustrations are fabulous.
    Also - I am currently showing you some love on my blog right now with a blogger award -

  7. Love your illustrations! I just found your blog and I must say, your outfits are great, too. Excited to get reading!

    - Sarah


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