Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeling Girly

I recently came across some photos of some amazing nails on flickr, which really inspired me to start decorating my own. I decided to give Konad a try (it's this easy nail deco system) & bought some of their "special" nail polish, the stamper & scraper, & 1 image plate (M71). In the photos is my 2nd proper attempt, I don't think it is too bad. The first was a shimmery white base, with a black lace pattern. The first picture is before the top coat, the second after. I keep smudging the design when I do a top coat, which after a quick google, is completely normal & I should have invested in some of the Konad brand top coat, which doesn't smudge! I just placed my second order, for top coat, and some more image plates, so I shall have lots more lovely designs to deco my nails with. I think this one looks like some of that funky flocked damask wallpaper!

I got sent the wrong colour of a "special" nail polish. I emailed them & they sent me the right colour no hassle, & I got to keep the wrong one that they originally sent me. That is good service, unlike another shop I can mention...
I recently bought some stuff in the sale from New Look, one of which was supposed to be a grey & pink lacey top. Only trouble was, they sent me a black version instead. I emailed them & told them of their mistake. They emailed me back & told me I would have to return the top & get a refund. I told them that this was their mistake, & they should send me the right colour top, because there was no guarantee that after I sent the black top back, and re-ordered the grey, that they wouldn't make the same mistake again.
I was even more disheartened to discover that they had done exactly the same thing to a fellow blogger, it's seems like they are just sending out the wrong colour deliberately to everyone, and then being deliberately obnoxious about it via customer services. I am actually quite annoyed about it, I could just return the top & order another, but I don't see why I should have to, since it was their mistake, not mine. I kept getting a standard email sent to me too, until I asked them to actually read my email & not just send me an answer from a list they have.
It would have been nice of them to just send me the right top, like Konad did with their colour mistake. Being a shopkeeper/owner myself I know good customer service is very important. If I make a mistake with a customer's order, I always correct it at no cost or hassle for the customer. I realise I am an independent online shop owner, but seriously, other corporate companies have similar policies, why can't New Look?
Anyway this has quite discouraged me from shopping there again, unless I see something I really MUST have I don't think I will. Whereas Konad on the other hand will definately see me buying more things, because they dealt with their mistake perfectly, no hassle for me.


  1. i love this i really should invest in this product instead of doing nail art by hand it look amazing :)

  2. Ohhhh gorgeous nails!
    You've inspired me to start taking proper care of mine so I can have cute nails for the summer!

  3. I really like this .. I wish my nail beds were long enough cuz I would surely have them!

  4. The nails look so cute, maybe I should give something like this a try...
    Yes the thing with the top was an annyoing thing, I would like to know if I would habe to pay for the sending back, cause when you want to return from outside the UK you have to pay for it, same was for my shoes cause they didn't fit.
    But the thing with Konad is a really nice example for perfect costumer service!

  5. extra jolie ;O)

  6. i LOVE konad! just sayin! my bf bought me bunches of image plates for xmas cos i love nail art...leopard prints and zebra prints work REALLY well in black and pink!


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