Monday, February 15, 2010

A Quick Update

I have a tonne of new clothes to photograph and post up here, but unfortunately the days have been gloomy and the lighting bad, so am just waiting for a more cheery day! Photos with a tungsten tinge aren't very nice. My tshirt dress has arrived, and I have just ordered the chiffon so when i get that I can get started. The dress is much deeper in colour irl, and has more of a peachy tint to it than the baby pink it looked in the photo. I actually prefer it, but it isn't going be as much of a nude/pastel dress as I had hoped. Oh well, hopefully it shall still be pretty! Also have been swapping some clothes with my sister, I got some nice print tunics (one is heart print<3), and she got a top and a cardigan. We are both happy- it's always good to get rid of clothes you don't wear very often. My sister & I are about the same size, we just have totally different shapes. And the things we swapped with each other didn't really work for our shapes A smock type top (but cute-it was lace print & had a huge bow) and a boyfriend style cardigan from me, which didn't work with my smaller waist and bigger boobs, and she gave me empire line tunics, which didn't really work for her apple shape. So it's all good! Hopefully you should see a more interesting update in the next few days!

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