Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That dress I posted about from ASOS the other day also arrived with my delivery of the tshirt dress. I think it is super adorable, it now also comes in black with a nude trim. (still wishing they did one in all nude though!) The bust is made of jersey, which I didn't realise, but that gives me added stretch around the bust area that I need! I am loving the trim- the pieces of fabric sewn like little flowers are really cute.

I wore it with a puff sleeve tshirt underneath, but I think in future I might just wear a cardigan (can't decide on which one though), as although I like the pinafore look the tshirt gives it, I am not so sure about having so much of my arms on show. I think I need bigger "puffs". Anyone know where I can find a puff sleeve tshirt? They are so hard to find, this one I found at Evans in 2006, when puff sleeves had just become all the rage.

Also- here is a quick pic of one of my swap items- how adorable is this tunic/dress? I love the print- see the pic below for a close up! & the colours are pretty & spring/summery!

In these pics I was wearing these shoes from New Look. I love the colour and the little gold stud detail. And they have a heel! Which is unusual for me, but I can actually walk in these as they are only a mid heel, so yay!


  1. Oh my gosh I just looked at the one with the nude part on it and its loooooove. Sad that I totaly have no money at the moment, I hope it will be still be there in my size in march! *____*
    Looks so cute on you!

  2. That asos dress is DAaaaarling... I love it. As with katrin, I am broke so I won't be buying anything from Asos anytime soon. too bad so sad...

  3. Love that dress! The ruffle trim really sells it for me. I love the flowered necklace you've paired with it. I also love the colour and print of the shirt!
    I recently found your blog, so I'm following you! I like your style.

  4. The ASOS dress looks awesome on you! I am really tempted by the one with the nude flowers. I am just afraid it'll be a little too short on me.

  5. Thank you everyone:) My sister just bought the nude&black one, decided she had nothing to wear it with so we swapped! Pics will be coming soon- I actually much prefer it to the all black one, which I feel is a little sombre for me.

    Blog To Be Alive - How tall are you? I am 5"8, and it hits me mid calf, which I don't mind as I quite like short things. But it is a little short for bending over in!

  6. I am 5ft6 so it might work on me... Hmm gonna try to decide before the weekend since I haven't used the 20% off code yet.

  7. Wow, that asos dress is gorgeous on you! Would you mind letting me know how the sizing runs? I want to order it, but I'm in the US so I want to make sure I get the right size. I can usually wear a 22 from Dorothy Perkins and Evans.

  8. Wow, way to sell a dress! That ASOS Curve one looks really hot on you - totally pretty and feminine. The little puff sleeves really work well with it too!

    jill hives - I have heard from a good friend of mine who bought a load from ASOS Curve that it is true-size for the measurments they have posted, but that the jeggings were a little snug so she went for a larger size in that (via returns), hope that helps!

    em. x.
    (I have great curves and I know how to wear them).

  9. Hiya! I saw those new look shoes on your blog and fell in love with them so I've bought them too! They just arrived in the post today and I have been wearing them all afternoon - like you said, they're really comfortable, not really like wearing heels :) Thanks for the inspiration! xx


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