Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Browns Preview

I got a magazine in the post today- it was advertising the Joe Browns collection @ Simply Be. I though to myself "Oh I have already seen everything, but I'll take a quick look anyway". WRONG. Apparently they only released about half of the new collection on the Simply Be Preview Site, and now the other half is up at the New Now Preview Site. And OMG, did they save the best for last or what?!

I already ordered the coral cardigan(pretty!) and the beach shorts (which are awaiting stock so I haven't got them yet), but when I saw all the floral tops & dresses in the magazine I almost died with excitement. Obviously I logged on straight away to place an order. I ended up choosing the 3 dresses above (yes I bit the bullet and ordered that beach dress after all!) & a pink lacy vest top, which is always useful for layering. I am especially in love with the middle dress, because although pastels are the in colour right now, nothing can break my love of brights!

I was also quite tempted by this dress on the left, as well as a multitude of different camis and floaty tops. But despite my obvious shopping addiction, I am not actually made of money! Although I would like to be. :) Donations are welcome! :P

Reviews will come in time, the items won't apparently ship til April, but the stuff I ordered from the Simply Be Preview Site came before it was supposed to be shipped(with the exception of the beach shorts), so hopefully there will be pics fairly soon.

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  1. cute blog. Ive added you to my blog as one of my inspirations!!! I like the way you put together your posts.


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