Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry for not posting for a while, I meant to make posting a regular occurence, but then life happens and y'know... Anyway, I don't have anything really to say/show, except that I did cave, and bought 2 dresses from ASOS! Reviews and pics to come soon- when they arrive! I also spent a bit at New, and bought a few jumpers, a tshirt, and some (nude!) court shoes. I can't wait for everything to arrive- the ASOS stuff is supposed to come tonight- I will probably take pics and post up a review tomorrow! The New Look stuff should come in the next few days. Yes..I think I am addicted to buying clothes!

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  1. Me too! Whenever I buy something new I promise myself I'll give shopping a break. But seconds later I see something I just have to have! Ah it never ends. Temptation is everywhere :)


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