Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Evans Dress Illustration

I recently bought the black lace dress from Evans, and was trying to take a nice photo of it on, but it was dark, and everything turned out blurry. So instead I decided to do a quick digital illustration of it on, complete with the new belt I got! The sleeves are really pretty, and overall I am pretty happy with my purchase. I got some money off it too, as it is last chance to buy, and I found a 15% discount code on the internet. Look out for future OOTDs featuring this dress, I haven't actually worn it out yet!


  1. I LOVE this illustration! It's amazing and now I'm curious to see the real thing

  2. yeah i deffo cannot wait to see the real thing xx

  3. Love the dress! The sleeves are so cute. Looking forward to seeing future OOTDs featuring it.

  4. i love the lace and the drawing is amazing to:)


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