Thursday, February 11, 2010

ASOS Review

So my order arrived last night..yes I may have been a little impatient and paid extra for same day delivery. I do hate waiting for packages! I think I ordered the dresses at around 11, and they arrived at 9pm. Not bad! Anyway...they fit! Perfectly actually, I was quite nervous that they wouldn't, but as you can see from the photos, they do! So all you UK size 30s out there, you can buy stuff from ASOS! Yay!

Detail shot. The fabric is polyester, but it is so silky and lightweight- perfect for summer! And as the sleeves are so pretty, you don't have to wear a cardigan unless you want to. (More often than not I wear a cardigan to cover ugly sleeves). I wasn't sure if I would like the bold print on me, but when I tried it on, I really did. It's like one of those dresses you would overlook at the rack because it is too bold/looks ugly, but on, it looks nice!

Next I ordered the lace dress. I was really worried about this fitting, not so much about the first dress as that looked more flowy. But as you can see, it also fits pretty perfectly. It does cling a tiny bit to my tummy, and I would prefer it being a size larger, but as the range only goes up to a size 26, I think I did quite well. Especially as I had heard the range either ran true to size, or small. Luckily some of the cuts ( i.e generous around the chest, flowy over the tummy/hips) have really worked for my shape. The sleeves on this dress are also really pretty!

Dress - ASOS Necklace - Local Shop Rest - see above

And look at my new necklace-I got it today! Nude<3>


  1. Love both dresses on you! I never would have thought to pair white necklaces with a white top/dress, either, but that looks fantastic!

    Also, holy crap the first dress looks awful on the model! Not to mention like two sizes too big.

  2. These look great on you! Especially the first one.
    I noticed that dress today (I may have a habit of repeatedly checking to see if there's any new stock on ASOS...) and fell in love, why is it only in black!? My first thought was 'I hope this is in nude' lmao but no such luck. Oh well, I'll just keep stalking the site until I find something I absolutely MUST HAVE.

  3. Stephanie - I know! I really want to see a pretty, flowy, chiffony dress in nude, for plus size! So far I haven't had any luck, and if that ASOS dress did come in nude it would be perfect. Garrgh! I might just have to attempt to make my own. >.<

    & Thank you Seamyst! A lot of people have said the model is pretty crap- I agree but can't help feeling a bit sorry for her when she is probably reading those comments! I probably wouldn't have bought anything if I hadn't seen other reviews from actual plus size people!

  4. The dresses look amazing on you! The second one is my favourite. It suits you so perfectly and goes well with your other outfits.

    And yep you are so right with the black dress... I love black, but this dress would rock so much more in nude and I finally could rock some nice biker jacket + nude babydoll dress outfit..

  5. These look great on you! Very figure flattering, espcially the first dress. I love the way you accessorize, it really complete he outfit. Like that belt you wore with the first dress, look smashing!

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Coco- I actually did end up buying that dress anyway today- earnt a bit of money with my sales post, and with a 20% off voucher I thought I might as well. Still would prefer it in nude though...

  7. I have the first dress but not from curve , from asos main range. It is one of the only clothes I like on Curve. You look pretty on this dress.
    The white dress is pretty also on you.


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