Thursday, February 04, 2010

Asos Curve

Coat Shoes Tights Culottes Clutch

Dress Tights Belt Necklace

I know many people were disappointed by the launch of ASOS Curve, noting the lack of any real "fashion forward" items. I was also a bit dismayed at the selection, but after checking out review+photos from other plus size bloggers, items I hadn't really noticed on the website became much more appealing. In the above photos I have tried to dress up some of the key pieces I feel look a little bland in their stock photos, but with a bit of imagination you could make them look fabulous!

I really wish the size range went further than a 26 though, I might have ordered some things if they had just gone a few sizes bigger. Other reviews state the items are true to size, so I am reluctant to try out things in case they don't fit. I wear anything from a 26 to a 30, but it depends on the item. I can buy a few things from New Look, but not everything I like as their sizing also stops at a 26. I am tempted to try placing an order though, as some of the dresses look decided roomy in the bust, which is probably where I would have the most problems with fit if it were too small.


  1. Those tights are amazing. I really hope they add tights to the ASOS curve range as I have yet to find a pair that fit me. Tiffany did a blogpost about the fit of ASOS clothes on a US size 24/26 here and as they have free returns it's worth a shot?

    Buttons, Bows & Brogues

  2. I ordered the floral print dress size 26 and it doesnt fit!!!!! I normally wear a Evans 22/24 so i was really surprised and very dissapointed .

  3. Thanks for the link Stephanie! I might give ASOS a try now! I also wish ASOS would collaborate with a few of the designers they stock, and create a plus size range for those- that would be amazing! I find myself lusting more over the brand name clothing they stock than their own things.

    Jo- that must be disappointing. Maybe it was just sized wrong? Other reviews seem to say things run true to size. People do say though that Evans sizing is quite generous, but even so!


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