Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneak Preview

Image Borrowed from Evans Fashion Fix
I think I just died and went to heaven when I saw this post on the Evans Blog. Look at those amazing dresses! Only down side I can see is waiting for them to arrive in April. I especially have my eye on the red polka dot & rose print one. Good one Evans!

Spending again...

I don't have anything interesting to say, but yay I managed to order this cute anchor cardigan from New Look. When I first noticed it, it had sold out in the largest size:( I've been watching it constantly since then, since things often come back in stock after they have "sold out", because some things get returned, or stores do a stock check/whatever. And tonight when I looked it had, so I obviously snapped it up! Apparently it was the last one as well, it now says out of stock for a 26 again. (sorry!)
I've always admired nautical looks, but have never worn one myself, but hopefully I will be able to put together something super cute when this cardigan arrives. Another thing to add to my list of things to do!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates- there might not be any interesting ones for a while. Working on a wholesale order for my shop, have to make a couple hundred of dolly mixture beads & make them into jewellery- always fun. Have so much I want to do though- that t-shirt dress is just begging to altered now I have the chiffon, also have some adjustments to do to other clothes. I bought some black cord trousers from Evans a while ago that I want to alter into skinnies-haven't actually got a pair, and didn't think I could get away with them being fat, but being a part of Fatshionista has convinced me otherwise. Also have some purchases still to show you, theres so much for me to do, and I can't find much time to do it in!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Browns Preview

I got a magazine in the post today- it was advertising the Joe Browns collection @ Simply Be. I though to myself "Oh I have already seen everything, but I'll take a quick look anyway". WRONG. Apparently they only released about half of the new collection on the Simply Be Preview Site, and now the other half is up at the New Now Preview Site. And OMG, did they save the best for last or what?!

I already ordered the coral cardigan(pretty!) and the beach shorts (which are awaiting stock so I haven't got them yet), but when I saw all the floral tops & dresses in the magazine I almost died with excitement. Obviously I logged on straight away to place an order. I ended up choosing the 3 dresses above (yes I bit the bullet and ordered that beach dress after all!) & a pink lacy vest top, which is always useful for layering. I am especially in love with the middle dress, because although pastels are the in colour right now, nothing can break my love of brights!

I was also quite tempted by this dress on the left, as well as a multitude of different camis and floaty tops. But despite my obvious shopping addiction, I am not actually made of money! Although I would like to be. :) Donations are welcome! :P

Reviews will come in time, the items won't apparently ship til April, but the stuff I ordered from the Simply Be Preview Site came before it was supposed to be shipped(with the exception of the beach shorts), so hopefully there will be pics fairly soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That dress I posted about from ASOS the other day also arrived with my delivery of the tshirt dress. I think it is super adorable, it now also comes in black with a nude trim. (still wishing they did one in all nude though!) The bust is made of jersey, which I didn't realise, but that gives me added stretch around the bust area that I need! I am loving the trim- the pieces of fabric sewn like little flowers are really cute.

I wore it with a puff sleeve tshirt underneath, but I think in future I might just wear a cardigan (can't decide on which one though), as although I like the pinafore look the tshirt gives it, I am not so sure about having so much of my arms on show. I think I need bigger "puffs". Anyone know where I can find a puff sleeve tshirt? They are so hard to find, this one I found at Evans in 2006, when puff sleeves had just become all the rage.

Also- here is a quick pic of one of my swap items- how adorable is this tunic/dress? I love the print- see the pic below for a close up! & the colours are pretty & spring/summery!

In these pics I was wearing these shoes from New Look. I love the colour and the little gold stud detail. And they have a heel! Which is unusual for me, but I can actually walk in these as they are only a mid heel, so yay!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Quick Update

I have a tonne of new clothes to photograph and post up here, but unfortunately the days have been gloomy and the lighting bad, so am just waiting for a more cheery day! Photos with a tungsten tinge aren't very nice. My tshirt dress has arrived, and I have just ordered the chiffon so when i get that I can get started. The dress is much deeper in colour irl, and has more of a peachy tint to it than the baby pink it looked in the photo. I actually prefer it, but it isn't going be as much of a nude/pastel dress as I had hoped. Oh well, hopefully it shall still be pretty! Also have been swapping some clothes with my sister, I got some nice print tunics (one is heart print<3), and she got a top and a cardigan. We are both happy- it's always good to get rid of clothes you don't wear very often. My sister & I are about the same size, we just have totally different shapes. And the things we swapped with each other didn't really work for our shapes A smock type top (but cute-it was lace print & had a huge bow) and a boyfriend style cardigan from me, which didn't work with my smaller waist and bigger boobs, and she gave me empire line tunics, which didn't really work for her apple shape. So it's all good! Hopefully you should see a more interesting update in the next few days!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Altering Clothes

Have any of you ever tried remixing clothes? I've made skirts from scratch before, and altered the fit of some items, but I have never really remixed an existing piece into something completely different. However when I saw the T-Shirt dress that ASOS has in it's Curve range, instead of thinking "ugh no" and moving on- I saw possibility. If I can't find a nude/pastel pink flowy chiffon dress with lots of ruffles and bows..I could use this as the base for such a dress. If I were to make a dress from scratch (a daunting task!), it would have to have some sort of underskirt or slip underneath as I want the top layer to be chiffon. So why not buy this simple dress, and then alter it to my needs? Much easier than starting from scratch. So I have ordered it, and cannot wait to get started! I have made a basic design in photoshop over the top of the existing dress, which is how I would like mine to turn out like. I am envisaging lots of ruffles around the body, a fitted bust with a huge bow, and getting rid of the ugly tshirt sleeves and either adding flutter sleeves or soft flowy sleeves. I am also even imagining some plaiting detail.. Let's just hope it goes to plan! Progress pics hopefully coming soon!

Sales Post

Hey guys, just a heads up to let you know I have a sales post on Fatshionista here, please do check it out! There are tops, cardigans, bags & more! Thank you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ASOS Review

So my order arrived last night..yes I may have been a little impatient and paid extra for same day delivery. I do hate waiting for packages! I think I ordered the dresses at around 11, and they arrived at 9pm. Not bad! Anyway...they fit! Perfectly actually, I was quite nervous that they wouldn't, but as you can see from the photos, they do! So all you UK size 30s out there, you can buy stuff from ASOS! Yay!

Detail shot. The fabric is polyester, but it is so silky and lightweight- perfect for summer! And as the sleeves are so pretty, you don't have to wear a cardigan unless you want to. (More often than not I wear a cardigan to cover ugly sleeves). I wasn't sure if I would like the bold print on me, but when I tried it on, I really did. It's like one of those dresses you would overlook at the rack because it is too bold/looks ugly, but on, it looks nice!

Next I ordered the lace dress. I was really worried about this fitting, not so much about the first dress as that looked more flowy. But as you can see, it also fits pretty perfectly. It does cling a tiny bit to my tummy, and I would prefer it being a size larger, but as the range only goes up to a size 26, I think I did quite well. Especially as I had heard the range either ran true to size, or small. Luckily some of the cuts ( i.e generous around the chest, flowy over the tummy/hips) have really worked for my shape. The sleeves on this dress are also really pretty!

Dress - ASOS Necklace - Local Shop Rest - see above

And look at my new necklace-I got it today! Nude<3>

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry for not posting for a while, I meant to make posting a regular occurence, but then life happens and y'know... Anyway, I don't have anything really to say/show, except that I did cave, and bought 2 dresses from ASOS! Reviews and pics to come soon- when they arrive! I also spent a bit at New, and bought a few jumpers, a tshirt, and some (nude!) court shoes. I can't wait for everything to arrive- the ASOS stuff is supposed to come tonight- I will probably take pics and post up a review tomorrow! The New Look stuff should come in the next few days. Yes..I think I am addicted to buying clothes!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Favourite Fashion around the Web

Beach Dress - Simply Be Ruffle Collar - Lunacy Boutique Nude Heels - ASOS Ruffle Skirt -Torrid Nude Shift Dress - New Look Nude Leather Clutch - Hannah Zakari

As you can see, I am really getting into the sorbet and nude colour scheme for spring! Severely tempted to buy that beach dress, but as a). Am not going to any beaches in the forseeable and b). My bank balance will not thank me, it's a no for now. Also really wish I could walk in heels- because those nude and black ones from ASOS are to die for! There are even tiny little ruffles on them! Yes I am also really into ruffles, and bows! That is going to be my 3 main criteria for fashion this spring and summer, sorbet shades, ruffles, and bows! And if I can't find any I like, or can't find any at all, I think I might have to get out my sewing machine again!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Asos Curve

Coat Shoes Tights Culottes Clutch

Dress Tights Belt Necklace

I know many people were disappointed by the launch of ASOS Curve, noting the lack of any real "fashion forward" items. I was also a bit dismayed at the selection, but after checking out review+photos from other plus size bloggers, items I hadn't really noticed on the website became much more appealing. In the above photos I have tried to dress up some of the key pieces I feel look a little bland in their stock photos, but with a bit of imagination you could make them look fabulous!

I really wish the size range went further than a 26 though, I might have ordered some things if they had just gone a few sizes bigger. Other reviews state the items are true to size, so I am reluctant to try out things in case they don't fit. I wear anything from a 26 to a 30, but it depends on the item. I can buy a few things from New Look, but not everything I like as their sizing also stops at a 26. I am tempted to try placing an order though, as some of the dresses look decided roomy in the bust, which is probably where I would have the most problems with fit if it were too small.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oh and...

I think that new season floral Evans dress I posted about the other day is now online - it looks a bit different, but I think it is supposed to be the same one! You can find it here. Am now anxiously waiting for the rest of the dresses I posted to be on sale, I don't want them to sell out before I have a chance to get them!

Evans Dress Illustration

I recently bought the black lace dress from Evans, and was trying to take a nice photo of it on, but it was dark, and everything turned out blurry. So instead I decided to do a quick digital illustration of it on, complete with the new belt I got! The sleeves are really pretty, and overall I am pretty happy with my purchase. I got some money off it too, as it is last chance to buy, and I found a 15% discount code on the internet. Look out for future OOTDs featuring this dress, I haven't actually worn it out yet!

Monday, February 01, 2010


Cardigan -Evans Top - H&M Leggings - Evans Skirt - DIY Shoes - Evans Necklace - Next Headband - Ebay

Another oufit of the day! I wore this to go over to see my grandparent's new puppy (see below pic- how cute?!). It was fairly sunny today so I wore rather colourful items, like my pink cardigan from Evans, and my handmade floral skirt. My taste is rather eclectic - I love girly pinks and florals and lace, but I love bright colours as well!

Their new dog is adorable, she is called Megan. We brought our 2 dogs (A shihtzu/lhasa cross, and a maltese) over as well. Our shihtzu Tallie loved her, they are about the same size, and were playing for ages, bouncing around! Button (the maltese) wasn't too keen, but we are sure he will get used to Megan. Megan is a retriever/collie cross, similar to their old dog that died just recently. Apparently she is keeping their hands full- chewing on everything, etc! :P

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