Sunday, January 31, 2010

Evans Spring Collection

I guess most of you have seen the preview images of the Evans Spring collection, but I wanted to add my opinions to the mix. :)
I have mixed feelings about the items I have seen, some I love, but others I dislike. These are my favourites, the other things I have seen I am not overly keen on, but I guess that is just my personal taste. I know others are raving about how "on trend" the items are, but I don't tend to follow trends, I just like to wear what I like. (I have been falling for the nude colourway & underwear as outerwear this season though).
I really want the see through gingham dress, the nude empire line dress and the floral trimmed shorts! Will definately be keeping my eye out for when they arrive on the website. I'll probably take a miss on the floral dress as it is a bit too high necked for my liking. Hopefully Evans will have a few more cute things up their sleeves, and I can spend lots of money! :D
I also wanted to say- where are the skirts Evans?!?!?! I love skirts, and have been waiting what seems like forever to find some cute ones on Evans. They only have 1 skirt for sale atm that isn't past the knee, and I already own it! I am quite disappointed, I wish this preview would have shown some nice skirts. Dresses are lovely, but what am I meant to wear with all my tops? :(
Let me know what you think!


  1. Love this blog!

    I love the gladiator sandals with the cute ribbon, very nice.

  2. Oh, and I have just linked you in my side bar!

  3. I'm liking the nautical striped cardigan and the military waistcoat, and the tan stud belt. I think when payday rolls around, I'll have to stock up on basic cami's and vests to give my normal wardrobe some more basics to mix and match with new pieces though.


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